Old-fashioned push mowing is still a popular pastime

Old-fashioned push mowing is still a popular pastime
    It doesn't matter how convenient electric lawn mowers are, it seems that plenty of gardening enthusiasts would rather cut their grass the traditional way and use a push mower.

While this method of tending to the garden requires more effort and determination than if a person were to use an electric alternative, this is part of the reason why so many individuals prefer the old-fashioned way.

Since the first hand-push lawnmower was invented in the early 19th century by Edwin Beard Budding, its design is very much the same and still features a cylinder of cutting blades attached to a rear roller, reports the Guardian.

Gardening can be a great form of exercise and it is highly therapeutic – and by making the task of mowing the grass into a challenge, it will be even more rewarding to look upon a tidy lawn afterwards.

Another benefit of push lawn mowers is that they require little maintenance compared to electric ones and in the long term, you could find you're saving yourself a pile of cash. All you need to do is check the blades are clean and properly aligned – and you won't need to worry about any electrics and ensuring the equipment is safe.

You'll also be cutting your carbon footprint by using a hand-push mower, as it is the most eco-friendly method of giving the grass a trim. There'll be no fumes clogging up the atmosphere and you may also find your energy bills are lower than usual.

People with green fingers who love doing their bit for the environment may want to invest in one of MowDIRECT's Einhell BH-HM 30 Hand Cylinder Lawn Mowers, which is retailing at the very affordable price of £59.95.

This machine is ideal for traditionalists, plus it comes with five cutting blades and a four-step height adjustment for greater accuracy on smaller-sized lawns. It is simple to manoeuvre and boasts a spacious rear catcher for collecting grass cuttings.

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