Multi tools for every task and to suit every pocket

Multi tools are the modern and less costly way to use powered garden machinery to tackle the many tasks the garden is presenting at the moment and here are three different models, one to suit each pocket.

MD 4 in 1 multi tool
Versatility and value: MD 4 in 1 multi tool
First is our own neat little MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool, offering great value with a hedge cutter, line trimmer, brush cutter and long range pruner all powered by a single engine.
This is a 25.4 cc 2-stroke one with a full crank and made to start easily with the option of full and half choke. The automatic clutch transmits power when it’s wanted, saving on engine wear and petrol consumption.
All four attachments simply click in to place. The trimmer can be used to trim path and lawn edges and has a twin strimming line which is fed automatically.
The brush cutter has three blades and a straight shaft for the rougher areas and is fitted with a safety guard. The hedgetrimmer is 37 cm long and its double blade can deal with stems up to 2.4 cm thick and adjusts through 180 degrees.
And the pruner has a 25.4 cm guide bar made to tackle thicker growth and is automatically lubricated.
The whole machine comes with a D-shaped handle and a shoulder harness.
The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is £229.95 but we have it for sale for £179.95, delivered free the next working day and with a two year guarantee from the maker.
There are also special prices on safety helmet with visor and ear protectors, work gloves, and 2-stroke oil and oil for the chain pruner.
Einhell bg-cb multi tool
German engineering: Einhell BG-PC 2041 multi tool
The second is the Einhell BG-CB 2041TH 4-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool, from a leading German engineering company, with a 25.4 cc engine with an automatic choke giving plenty of power.
This multi-tool has a split shaft so it takes up less room in the shed and will fit easily in the car boot.
This has a strimmer with a bump feed to let our more line when needed and also has a metal blade with four teeth for clearing scrub and denser undergrowth.
The hedge trimmer can be rotated through 180 degrees making hedge trimming easier and the long reach pruner has an automatic lubrication system as well.
The controls are grouped together on the handle for convenience and it too comes with a shoulder harness to make working over long periods less tiring.
This machine has a range of optional extras including engine and chain oil, fuel mixing bottle, spare strimming line and a safety helmet complete with visor and ear muffs.
It costs £249.95 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £399.95 and is delivered free the next working day with a two year guarantee from Einhell.
Mitox 281 MT Multi Tool
Long reach: Mitox 281 MT Multi Tool
And the third is from an established manufacturer of multi tools. The Mitox 281MT Multi-Tool.
The four components of this machine are a brush cutter, long-reach hedge trimmer with a 60 cm cutter bar which can turn through 220 degrees for the difficult bits.
It also has a pole pruner for overhanging tree growth which has a 25 cm guide bar and a 70 cm extension shaft. And there is a strimmer for path and lawn edges and the bits around trees which are difficult to keep tidy.
This machine costs £349 and is delivered free the next working day.

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