Ten top machines for clearing scrub and brambles

Many of us have rougher areas which have suffered from years of neglect and are now overgrown with nettles, dock, brambles and the like.
The ordinary brushcutter simply does not have the power to cut through this scrub but it does need regular clearance if the ground is not to become totally impassable and the soil to become sour with rotting undergrowth keeping out the light.
So if you need to get to grips with areas like this here are ten top machines for clearing long grass and thick scrub such as this.

MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer
Hard worker: MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer

First is our own MD Tondu Wheeled Trimmer Mower  which is amazing value for money with a 4-stroke engine started by a recoil pull.
This machine is pushed through the ground to be cleared and has a strong nylon line which cuts down overgrown nettles and small shrubby weeds and the like while being totally safe to use near walls and unseen obstructions like old rocks and discarded oil cans.
It is also easy to use on banks or sloping ditches. The cutting height can be adjusted from 35 to 75 mm and the working width is 56 cm.
Folding handlebars mean it can be easily transported in the boot of a family car.
It costs just £319, is delivered free the next working day and has a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.
It comes with 5 FREE sets of line and 10 sets of additional line can be purchased for £20.00

DR premier trimmer mower
Cracking machine:DR Premier trimmer mower

A similar machine is the DR TR4 Premier Wheeled Trimmer-Mower electric start a from USA based company which produces top garden machinery.
This one has a 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine producing good torque figures but keeping fuel consumption and vibration levels low. This machine has the company’s own ant-wrap cutting head and uses a thicker strimming line to cut through heavier scrub.
It has five cutting heights from 1.5 to 3.5 inches and 14 in wheels give it great manoeuvrability even in the most taxing conditions.
A clutch means you can disengage the cutting head without having to stop the engine.
It costs £649 and has a two-year warranty from the makers.
We deliver it free the next working day.

Great clearance: DR Wheeled Trimmer

Another tough machine from DR. The DR TR4 Premier Wheeled Trimmer-Mower – Recoil Start (DRMP60) Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 190cc engine.
and like it’s electric start brother has adjustable cutting heights from 38mm-89mm (1.5″ to 3.5″). We deliver this to you free the next working day and there is a maker’s warranty for two years.
It costs £549.
Now a machine from a leading German garden machinery manufacturer.
The Al-Ko BM875II Scythe Bar Mower is ideal for dealing with brambles and gorse and the like and

Scythe it down: Al-Ko scythe bar mower

has a 180 cc Briggs & Stratton engine made easy to start by the engine maker’s own system to prime the engine without it flooding.
It has an 87 cm blade made from hardened steel made to protect the edges from the inevitable nudges when working. The cutting height can be adjusted.
The power drive makes it easier to use and the handlebar adjusts to suit the operator.
We give this a full pre-delivery inspection before delivery.
The machine costs £949.00

Efco Professional Wheeled Brushcutter
Thicker stuff: Efco Professional Wheeled Brushcutter

The Efco DR52-VBR6 Professional Wheeled Brushcutter is a tough machine from an Italian company and a machine ideally suited to the professional gardener.
It has a Briggs & Stratton 190 cc engine made for a longer life, quiet, easy to start and reliable.
This one has two forward gears and one reverse and can cope with really tough tasks and has a 52 cm blade for clearing thicker shrubs and has wide profile tyres for working in muddy and sloping areas.
It costs £1799 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £1899. Delivery is free.

Bertolini heavy duty scythe mower
Versatile: Bertolini heavy duty scythe mower

Now one from another leading Italian manufacturer and a truly versatile machine.
For when you buy the Bertolini BT401S Scythe Mower (Honda Engine) you buy a powerful machine designed for rugged work, a machine which can take a huge range of attachments.
This one comes with a 115 cm scythe bar and has a Lombardini 401cc engine to give increased torque levels and reduced fuel costs.
It has a differential control mounted on the handlebars and has two forward and two reverse gears to help you get in and out of the thickets areas.
It has six heights, easily adjusted, and there is a huge range of attachments you can buy to turn this into a really versatile piece of equipment.
It costs £1899.99 as against the maker’s recommended retail price of £2079. And delivery is free.
Now we’re getting into some serious equipment and the Efco DR51-VB6 Wheeled Brushcutter

Serious Kit: Efco High-Grass Mower

is designed to clean up the most expansive of rough grass areas and keep orchards and paddocks in trim.
The190cc B&S engine is quiet and smooth and the drive is belt driven with variable speed transmission, for better control in difficult areas.
The engine is mounted on a steel deck frame and the deck is made in strong pressed steel.
Large drive wheels give excellent traction and the side discharge chute is very wide to minimise blocking.
There are four cutting heights and the power-drive makes it easy to work on inclines and rough ground
This one costs £1,249.00. There is a three-year guarantee, and delivery is free the next working day.
This one is made in the USA and it is the Billy Goat BC2600HEBH Outback Rough-Cut Brush Mower

Tough and long-lasting: Billy Goat Outback brushcutter
Tough and long-lasting: Billy Goat Outback brushcutter

and comes from a company with a reputation for making top industrial brushcutters and lawn vacuums.
It has a cutting width of 66 cm and has a Honda engine with an anti-vibration system. There is a Hydrostatic transaxle for positive traction in all conditions and It has a slip differential helping it handle slopes up to 15 degrees even over bumpy, rougher ground.
A clever clutch mechanism minimises damage if it hits anything solid. And steel guards protect the hands from thorns and rougher bushes.
The maker’s recommended retail price is £4219 but we have it for just ££3,929.00. It is delivered free in four to five working days and has a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
The DR Pro-XL 30 20E B & S EStart Field & Brush Mower  has a

Mean machine: DR Pro-XL30-16.5 field and brush mower

Briggs and Stratton engine and is a real monster of a mean machine for large-scale clearance and maintenance.
This engine has twin cylinders and is remarkably quiet when running and has an electric start so it fires up easily. There are five gears and a diff lock for extra power when it is needed.
A reverse gear makes it easier to get out of tight spots. And an electronic blade clutch reduces wear and a pivoting cutting deck gives a better performance on uneven ground.
The deck is 75 cm wide and it is strong enough to cut down saplings 25 cm in diameter.
It costs £3099.

One for the professionals: DR mp 40 Towed Rough Grass Cutter
One for the professionals: DR mp 40 Tow-behind Field & Brush Mower

And for the toughest machine of the lot have a look at this one, the DR Pro-XL 44 Tow-Behind Field & Brush Mower, a mower which will interest commercial gardeners with larger acreages to keep tidy.
Most machines of this size need a power take off, but this one has its own engine, a twin cylinder one from Kohler with an electric start.
It has an articulated hitch and so can be offset so the area to be cut hasn’t already been flattened by whatever is towing it.
It is very sturdily built to withstand professional use and has four cutting heights adjusted by a foot pedal.
The blades are free swinging so there will be minimal damage if anything solid is hit while mowing. And wide deep tread tyres mean you can go in the roughest areas.
We are selling this for £3399 with a two-year warranty.
It is delivered free within three to five working days.

This blog updated June 2016

Updated May 2018

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