Gardeners raise £23m for Britain in Bloom

Gardeners raise £23m for Britain in Bloom
    Gardening has long been considered one of the nation's favourite pastimes – and the success of the Britain in Bloom scheme from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) stands as testament to that. 

For the latest run of the event, gardening enthusiasts up and down the country have managed to raise some £15 million to help fund their local projects. 

This has come from a combination of corporate sponsorship and private investment, as well as local fundraising activities. 

Plenty of volunteers have also been hard at work with their garden tools, as a survey of 76 RHS Britain in Bloom groups found that almost two million acres of public land has been cared for – in addition to 20 million plants planted. 

Stephanie Eynon, RHS community horticulture manager, said: "The difference Bloom volunteers make each year on a grassroots level is improving the physical and environmental face of the UK and begs the question: What state would Britain be in without them?"

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