Five top cylinder mowers to give that perfect British lawn

See any photographs of a traditional British garden and chances are there will be a cylinder mower processing up and down in perfectly parallel lines leaving a wonderful finish.
And this type of mower is vital if you want that perfect, low-cut finish which will make you lawns the best in the street.
So here are five top cylinder mowers to consider if you are about to make a purchase.

Allett Kensington electric cylinder lawn mower
Classic design: Allett Kensington lawn mower
First is the Allett Kensington 12E Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower, from the stable of a Britsh manufacturer with a long history of producing mowers for top sporting venues.
This is fine for lawns up to 1000 sq metres and will give a perfect finish with a solid steel rear roller and a front one of zinc plated-steel.
These ensure a perfect finish and an even cut. And the cutting heights are from 9 mm up to 32 mm all adjusted by a dial making switch heights very easy.
The 340 Watt motor delivers 106 cuts a minute across its 30.5 cm width. And there is a fixed rake to lift out dead moss and leaves.
If your lawn needs more urgent treatment there is a easily fitted scarifier cassette which costs an extra £105. And it comes with 22.5 metres of power cable.
It costs £425 and has a two year guarantee from Allett on parts and labour. Delivery is free the next working day.
Allett Classic cylinder mower
Truly British: Allett Classic lawn mower
Another from the same company is the Allett Classic 17L Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower, one often used by schools and sports clubs to mow pitches as it can cut very evenly right down to 6mm.
And because of its cylinder cutting action it will avoid scalping the surface, something that most rotary mowers can not avoid.
Plus it has the option of a scarifying cassette which can remove the thatching and moss which will inhibit new and vigorous growth.
This mower is recommended for lawns of up to 250 sq metres and has an 87 cc engine. The cutting width is 43.2 cm – 17 inches to you and me – and the grass box holds 40 litres.
It costs £665 and has free next working day delivery, plus there is a free 10 litre jerry can worth £24.95. There is a one year warranty from Allett and you can buy a 17 inch scarifying for £140.
Mountfield Emperor lawn mower
Favourite brand: Mountfield Emperor lawn mower
Mountfield is a favourite British brand and their Mountfield Emperor 50 Self-Propelled Cylinder Lawn Mower has been designed to cut bowling greens and tennis courts.
It has cutting heights from 7 mm up to 30 mm and will give a perfect even finish needed for sports pitches and feature lawns in large country houses.
A Briggs & Stratton 127 cc engine gives plenty of power and has a centrifugal clutch which only engages the cutting cylinder blades when certain revs are attained.
This mower has a 50 cm cutting width and a 62 litre grass box. It also has a deadman’s handle device which stops the engine when released.
Heavy front and rear steel rollers give an excellent striped, flat finish.
It costs £799, £100 less than the maker’s recommended price. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Masport Olympic Golf lawn mower
One for the greens: Massport Olympic Golf lawn mower
Now one from a top garden machinery manufacturer from New Zealand.
The Masport Olympic 500 Golf Cylinder Mower is, as its name suggests, aimed primarily at greenkeepers and delivers the sort of neat level cut that golfers demand on the greens.
It has a rear roller with a shaver and scraper blade to stop debris being rolled back into the turf and has a Briggs & Stratton 800 series engine.
It will cut right down to 4 mm and up to 30 mm with very fine adjustments available And the cylinder has ten cutting blades to further enhance the finish.
The rear steel roller has a split differential and there is a single front roller.
There is a one year warranty from Masport and delivery is free within three for four working days.
And the price? £1249.
Allett 24 Buckingham lawn mower
Top of the tree: Allett 24 Buckingham lawn mower
And finally, a machine for the grandest of houses, the Allett Buckingham 24H Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower, one of the finest machines anywhere in the world.
This is the mower perfect for tennis courts, lawn mowers and cricket wickets with a front roller and a adjustable rake to lift grasses to give a better cut and remove any thatching and moss.
The six-blade cylinder delivers the cut and then there is another roller to follow.
Grass can be cut down to 5 mm and can be adjusted to trim up to 35 mm.
It has a 61 cm cutting width and the power is from a 196 cc Honda model giving bahs of power.
This really smart mower has a trailing seat which follow the direction of the mower precisely, and this costs £569.
It costs £2945 and is delivered within three working days. It has a two year warranty from the manufacturers.

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