Ten top electric mowers to make mowing an easier job

Many of you prefer to use an electrically powered mower as they are lighter and simpler to use and there are no smelly fumes to pollute the garden.
So here for you to consider are ten top deals on electric and cordless mowers which will make gardening simpler and yet still give excellent results.

Flymo easi-glide mower
Top seller: Flymo easi-glide mower
First is the Flymo Easi Glide 330vx Grass Collecting Electric Hover Lawnmower a simple yet very effective machine for a smaller garden.
Hover mowers are really light to use as they float on a cushion of air and have the great advantage that they can be moved acrodd paths and patios without having to switch off.
This one has a quiet running 1400 Watt motor producing very little noise so it is ideal for inner city gardens.
It can cut down to a very low 10 mm or up to 30 mm and is ideal for mowing when it’s wet.
The grass box can hold 20 litres and is see through so you can tell when it’s getting full.
Fold down handles mean it’s easy to store or transport in the boot of the car.
It comes with 12 metres of cable and costs £89.95. It has a one year manufacturer’s warranty and is delivered free the next working day.
Now one from a leading European manufacturer.
The Bosch Rotak 37 ‘Ergoflex’ Electric 4-Wheel Roller Lawn Mower
Bosch rotak 37
From Germany: Bosch Rotak 37 lawn mower
is light yet powerful and combines the best of German engineering with an excellent price.
The Bosch PowerDrive motor cleverly increases the engine torque when ti feels the blade speed lessening meaning it can cut through thicker and damp grass more easily.
The 1400 Watt motor has a cut-out device to stop it should it encounter extra heavy loads, thus giving the machine a longer life.
It can mow right up to the edges with an ingenious grass comb device, saving returning later with a strimmer and weighs just 10.7 kg.
It has a working width of 37 cm, a 49 litre grass box and ten cutting heights from20 to 70 mm/
Plus there is a 12 metres power lead.
It costs £129.95, £20 off the maker’s recommended retail price and is delivered free the next working day.
Plus there is a two year warranty.
Now another from German, the Al-Ko Comfort 34E Electric Four-Wheel Lawn Mower
Al-Ko 34 E mower
Popular brand: Al-Ko 34E lawn mower
This mower gives a great cut and has a 1200 Watt smooth running induction n motor.
This one is recommended for lawns up to 300 sq metres and has a 37 litre grass box and a cleverly designed discharge chute and cutter deck enables clippings to packed in tightly, so fewer stops while mowing.
Cutting heights are from 25 to 75 mm and are easily adjusted by a single lever with six options.
It is light and easy to use and its tapering front means you can mow under trees and shrubs more easily.
It also has cable strain relief as a useful safety device and fold down handels make for easier storage.
This one costs £139.95 and is delivered free.
Mountfield Princess lawn mower
Favourite machine: Mountfield Princess lawn mower
And here’s one from a British favourite brand. The Mountfield Princess 42 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower has a 1800 Watt electric motor and a generous 42 cm cutting width.
Really light and built with a lightweight polypropylene chassis it is a perfect mower for small to medium sized lawns.
This mower has the advantage of three ways of disposing of the cuttings.You can either drop them at the back, collect in the 50 litre grass box or mulch them and return them to the lawn where they rot and become a useful fertilizer.
And there is a box full indicator on the box.
Cutting heights are adjustable by a single lever from 25 to 75 mm and a grass comb at the front gives a more even cut. Fifteen metres of power cable come with the mower.
A rear roller ensures that your lawn has a perfect striped finish after mowing.
It costs £149, and that’s £20 less than the maker’s recommended retail price. There is a one year guarantee and free delivery the next working day.
HAyter Envoy lawn mower
Rear roller: Hayter Envoy lawn mower
Now a mower from one of the country’s best loved brands, Hayter.
The Hayter Envoy Electric Rear-Roller Lawn Mower is currently on special offer and is an all-time favourite with a lightweight, high impact plastic deck it is ideal for the small lawn.
It has a 36 cm cutting deck and a 1400 Watt induction motor and has a deadman’s handle as a safety device.
It has a full width rear roller to give that traditional striped finish and a grass box which can hold 38 litres.
Cutting heights range from 13 to 60 mm through seven adjustments and front fins give a better cut by smoothing the grass before it is cut.
The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is £199 but we have it for sale for £20 less as a special offer at just £179.
It has a two year guarantee from Hayter and free next working day delivery.
Now back to Germany for another really well made machine. The Wolf-Garten Expert 40EA Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower
Wolf-Garten lawn mower
Be an expert: Wolf-Garten lawn mower
comes from a top and historic maker of garden machinery and has 1600 Watt induction motor and an extra wide 40 cm cutting width making it capable of tackling larger lawns.
With this mower you can switch from cutting and collection the clippings at the flick of a switch.
There are five cutting heights from 25 to 80 mm and ball bearing mounted wheels contribute to a longer life.
The machine incorporates another ingenious device a ‘FlickFlack’ system to keep the power lead clear and free from tangles. The cable is 20 metres long.
This machine was for sale for £369 but it is now only £279. It is delivered free the next working day.
Oleo-Mac G48TE lawn mower
From Italy: Oleo-Mac G48TE lawn mower
Another machine on special offer is the Oleo-Mac G48-TE Self-Propelled Electric Lawn Mower.
This one comes from a leading manufacturer based in Italy and is a top quality mower.
Unusually for an electrically-powered machine this one is self propelled making it very easy to use as it is night in weight as well.
This one has a steel deck for added strength and an 1800 Watt motor powers both cutting blades and forward motion.
This is intended for medium sized to larger lawns – say up to 900 sq metres – and can tackle all sorts of surfaces.
There is a 60 litre grass box and cutting heights from 28 to 72 mm all adjusted by a single lever.
It costs just £259 and is delivered free the next working day with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.
Greenworks g-max cordless lawn mower
No cables: Greenworks g-max cordless lawn mower
Over the pond for the next one on special offer and it is the Greenworks G-MAX 40Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower a really powerful mower based on the latest battery technology to give cutting power equivalent to petrol power.
The battery gives a continuous running time of 40 minutes, enough to cover most medium sized lawns up to around 500 sq metres. And whatsmore the battery can be re-charged in two hours.
Cutting heights are from 20 to 70 mm through five positions and the cutting width is 40 cm.
The grass box holds 50 litres but the mower comes with a mulch plug if you prefer to deal with the cuttings this way.
The mower comes with battery and charger and this means you can buy other equipment in the Greenworks range at great prices – for instance the leaf blower costs just £39.
It costs £259 a huge reduction on the maker’s recommended price of £399.
It has a four year warranty and free next working day delivery.
Allett classic electric mower
British class: Allett Classic electric mower
Now what can be more British than this green cylinder mower?
The Allett Classic 12E Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower has a long heritage of building mowers which putter up and down the hallowed turf at cricket grounds and tennis courts and this little machine epitomises that tradition.
This machine is perfect for smaller lawns but will cut right down to 6 mm and up to 32 mm.
It has a 230 Volt motor and 340 Watts of power to push along two rollers, a plastic one in the front and steel one at the back for a perfect finish. A machine for the perfectionist with 22.5 metres of power cable.
A 32 litre grass box catches the clippings and it weighs just 21.7 kg and as a really handy feature you can buy a scarifying cartridge to tease the thatched covering and moss from your lawn.
Lawns should be regularly scarified to keep them healthy.
The mower costs £340 and the scarifier is an extra £105. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a one year warranty from Allett.
Greenworks g-max cordless lawn mower
Two batteries: Greenworks g-max cordless lawn mower
And finally from the most traditional to the most modern, the Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Twin-Force Cordless Lawnmower (25137) and battery-powered mower which can take on larger lawns.
This mower can cope with lawns up to 2000 sq metres as it is supplied with two 40 Volt batteries. And another clever feature is the way it adjusts the power output according to the conditions, taking more power for rougher wet areas and less for long straight lawns.
The mower has a mulching plug supplied if you prefer to deal with the clippings that way and a striping will leave the traditional finish.
It comes with a charger and two 40 volt chargers and costs £419 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £669. A range of other Greenworks equipment are also available at keen prices.
It is delivered free the next working day and has a four year warranty.
And for other electrically-powered lawn mowers, see these special pages on our site.

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