Free safety kit with top brand brushcutter

A good brush cutter is worth its weight in gold if you don’t want to spend hours with a pair of shears or a bill hook hacking away at the undergrowth.
So here is a machine on a limited special offer with amazing accessories totally free.

Einhell petrol brush cutter
Free safety kit: Einhell brush cutter
The Einhell BG-BC Petrol Brushcutter is a powerful piece of kit with a strimming head with 42 cm of nylon line for lawn edges and path edges where weeds congregate.
This has a bump feed – simply bump the strimming head on the ground as you work and extra line is automatically fed out – no stopping and winding it out by hand.
For the rougher bits there is a 23 cm metal blade with four teeth which can hack through brambles and the like.
Providing the power is a 25 cc engine designed to start easily in any conditions.
It also comes with a shoulder harness for greater comfort and safety. Bike handlebars contain all the controls to make it easy to use.
And this machine currently has a free safety kit of gloves, face mark and ear protectors completely free.
And there’s a free fuel mixing bottle and spare line as well.
It currently costs £149.95 as it is on special offer. Delivery is free the next working day.

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