Top hedge trimmers all with five year guarantees

With the hedges growing really quickly at the moment, they need trimming back to encourage further growth.
Nothing sets off a garden like a well trimmed hedge and a good hedge trimmer is vital to give precise clean cuts.
And you can’t do better than looking at the Tanaka range of hedgetrimmers.
Every one has a five year guarantee, proof if it were needed of the quality and reliability of this brand.

Tanaka THT2000 hedge trimmer
Amazing guarantee: Tanaka THT2000 hedge trimmer
The simplest in the range is the Tanaka THT-2000 Hedgecutter with Twist Grip Handle currently on special offer at £219, £70 less than the company’s recommended retail price.
A 21 cc engine doesn’t sound very big but it delivers amazing cutting power and has been designed to keep noise levels low.
A chrome-plated cylinder and steel connecting rod together with a Walbro carburettor and clever ignition system means starting is easy.
It weighs just 4.2 kg and is a well-balanced machine with 51 cm cutting blades and with a rear handle which can rotate through 180 degrees corners and irregular hedges can be tackled easily.
Order before mid afternoon and you’ll receive it the next working day delivered free. And don’t forget the five year guarantee from the manufacturer.
Or how about another on special offer, the Tanaka THT-2520S Hedge Cutter
Tanaka THT2520S hedge trimmer
Special offer: Tanaka THT2520S hedge trimmer
, a top spec model with 76 cm double sided reciprocating blades with 35 cm tooth spacing meaning it can cut through really tough, thick hedge stems.
It weighs 4.6 kg and again the twist grip rear handle makes it easier to cut hedge edges or rounded corners or tops.
A 26 cc engine gives the sort of power demanded by professional gardeners who use equipment for longer periods.
It costs £379, £80 less than Tanaka’s recommended price and is delivered free the next working day.
And again, don’t forget the five year warranty.
Tanaka THT2530 hedge cutter
For the professionals: Tanaka THT2530 hedge cutter
The Tanaka THT-2530 Hedgecutter is the design often preferred by the professional gardener as it gives a single side cut and much better control and neater finish.
The 24 cc engine has loads of oomph and yet is quiet for a machine giving this power. It weighs 5.2 kg.
The blade is 76 cm long and extra sharp and a centrifugal clutch stops the blade quickly when the revs drop off.
But when running the reinforced gear casing gives it great strength when working at high revs over long periods of use.
It costs £399 compared with Tanaka’s recommended retail price of £479, is delivered free the next working day and did we mention the five year guarantee?

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