Robot lawn mower wows crowds at Chelsea

Robot lawn mower wows crowds at Chelsea
    The Chelsea Flower Show is always one of the biggest events on the annual gardening calendar and this year's run – which came to an end last week (May 25th) – was no different. 

While it will always be associated with exciting new garden displays and hybrid flowers, there was one particularly unusual piece of garden equipment that took the crowds by storm. 

This was the Bosch Indego Robotic Lawn Mower – and it is the first unmanned mower from manufacturer Bosch. 

It is perfect for those who do not have the time or motivation to put in all the effort necessary for the creation of the perfect strip – and it is clear why it could come in use at a major event like Chelsea. 

Featuring a triple-blade cutting-system, the mower repeatedly chops away at grass clippings, forcing them into turf where they can be useful as fertiliser. 

The navigation system sees it automatically measure a garden before calculating the shortest probable track and mowing lines, as well as reaping around any obstacles. 

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This certainly could be said to apply to author of My Allotment Odyssey: One Man and His Plot Michael Leapman, who argued that robot mowing is no replacement for the pleasure of "the real thing". 

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, he explained that the task makes relaxing in the garden in the summertime feel much more well-deserved. 

"We can settle into the recliner with a Pimm's and a smug sense of mission accomplished, at least for a week or so," he remarked. 

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