Prince Harry’s garden ‘is very brave’

Despite having served twice in Afghanistan, Prince Harry has been described as being particularly brave for his decision to pick up the garden tools and get to work on a display for the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show. 

The Queen's cousin Prince Michael of Kent told the Daily Telegraph that he was really impressed, having been told that it's a very good garden. 

This year's run of the event – which is hosted by national garden charity the Royal Horticultural Society – has proven to be a particular success. 

While there can be no doubt it is always one of the highlights of the annual gardening calendar, more top prizes have been given out than ever before, with 92 gold medals awarded, indicating a higher standard of exhibit than usual. 

But Prince Harry's own garden still proved to stand out from the crowd. 

Speaking at the Castle of Mey trustees' reception at the Goring hotel, near Buckingham Palace, Prince Michael said "It's very brave of him." 

"I've heard it’s very good," he added, before conceding: "I don't really do any gardening myself."

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