New peat-free compost wins acclaim at Chelsea Flower Show

New peat-free compost wins acclaim at Chelsea Flower Show
    A new compost has been launched for seeds, which is a peat-free mixture that could have a considerably less damaging impact on the environment than peat alternatives. 

It is made from an innovative combination of sheep's wool and bracken – and it has already been recognised as a good product at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show 2013, which is hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). 

Indeed, it made the shortlist for the garden product of the year award in recognition of its combination of old-fashioned ingredients with a modern twist. 

Sheep's wool is a great source of nitrogen and offers an excellent level of water retention, while bracken is very high in potash. 

Taking the form of a finely textured compost, it gives a good blend of nutrients for plants – and this should give young seeds the ideal start in life. 

Cumbrian sheep farmer Simon Bland and his partner Dr Jane Barker – an environmental scientist – are behind the brand. 

"We experimented with a wide variation of mixes and have now hit upon this ideal formula," Mr Bland commented. 

"Since we launched our standard Wool Compost it has been a real hit with eco-conscious gardeners and customers have been asking us to create a product suitable for growing seedlings for some time," he continued. 

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