Multi-tool made to tackle multitude of gardening tasks and save you money

Hedges, lawn edges and tree and hedge tops all need to be kept in check if the garden is to look its best and but a different tool is needed for each task.
Now one tool can now tackle them all, and it’s for sale at a great price at the moment.

MD 4 in 1 Multi Tool
Real value: MD 4-in1 Multi Tool
The MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool has a 25.4 cc engine to power this all-rounder which is easy to start and has a centrifugal clutch to give precise control.
It has four attachments which simply click in to place – there are no tools needed.
A line trimmer which has a curved shaft is excellent for trimming borders and path edges and has a a double line strimming head which automatically feeds out line and has a cutting width of 381 mm.
For the tougher areas there is a three-toothed brush cutter which gives a cutting width of 20.5 cm.
A long-reach hedge trimmer is 37 cm long with a cutter bar which can tackle stems up to 2.4 cm and can be rotated up to 180 degrees to cope with high sides as well.
And the tree pruner attachment can deal with longer branches and has a guide bar 25.5 cm long which can handle thicker stems. It has an automatic chain oiler to give efficient performance and a longer working life.
A shoulder harness is also supplied to give better support when in use.
Extras which can be bought with this machine include spare strimming line, safety helmet visor and ear muffs,engine oil and chain oil.
It costs £179.95 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £299.95.
There is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and free next working day warranty.
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