Let the robot mow the lawn this summer

Robotic lawnmowers are increasing in popularity and the latest on the market is from leading Italian garden machinery company Oleo-Mac.
The Oleo-Mac Orion Robotic Lawn Mower delivers an excellent even cut once it is set up and you will be the envy of your neighbours as you sit in the garden lounger while your little friend does all the hard work.

Oleo-Mac orion robot mower
Take it easy: Oleo-Mac Orion robot mower
Once the perimeter wires have been installed the machine can be programmed to work when you want and has a lithium-ion battery which can mow for two hours and then return to base to re-charge.
And it is powerful enough to cope with lawns with slopes up to 34 degrees.
Two blades mulch the clippings and return them to the lawn as a valuable nutrient.
Sensors detect obstructions bigger than 7 cm and plot an alternative course and the blades cut out automatically if the machine tilts.
There are five cutting heights and a rain sensor will send the Orion scuttling home if it gets wet if you choose.
The mower is really easy to set up and use and has a handy carrying handle if you want to shift location.
The maker’s recommended cost is £1899 but we have it for sale for just £1399.
It is delivered free the next working day and has a three year Oleo-Mac warranty.

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