May sunshine ‘gave tulips a boost’

The weather appears to be very inconsistent this year, which can be a nightmare for green-fingered enthusiasts who are trying to plan out a manageable gardening schedule. 

However, there have been some glimmers of good fortune – and it has been suggested that the burst of sunshine in the early part of May could have been ideal for blossoming tulips. 

This is according to the team at Avon Bulbs, who will be exhibiting some of their growths at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show from next week (May 21st). 

It was suggested that as recently as two weeks ago, the professionals were having some doubts as to whether or not any of their alliums would be ready in time. 

However, just a few days of sunshine proved to be all that was required to bring the plants back on track. 

The majority of bulbs need bright conditions to keep them short and tight – and gardeners would also be well advised to keep the soil in good condition by maintaining it with a cultivator or tiller

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