Three new MD mowers at terrific prices

Everyone loves a bargain and here are three mowers exclusive to us at Mowdirect which have just arrived and represent really amazing value for money.

MD 41 SP lawnmower
Real bargain: MD 41 SP lawn mower
The first is the MD 41SP Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower ideal for small to medium sized lawns.
A single lever adjusts the height of cut from 27 to 72 mm through five levels. It has a 118 cc engine which gives plenty of power to drive the rear wheels and the cutting blade and has a one litre fuel tank.
The cutting deck is steel to give a longer life and it has a 50 litre grass box and runs on large wheels mounted on ball bearings, again to prolong its working life.
The handles fold down to take less room in the shed or garage.
This mower costs £169.95 compared with the manufacturer’s price of £249.95 and is delivered free the next working day
Plus there is a two year warranty from the makers.
MD 46 SP lawn mower
Hard worker: MD 46 SP lawn mower
The second is the MD 46SP Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is ideal for medium sized lawns of around 30 metres by 30 metres.
Again representing excellent value for money it has a 60 litres grass box and heights of cut easily adjusted from 27 to 72 mm.
This model has a 135 cc engine easily started and with a throttle to adjust the revs and speed.
This one costs £199.95 – the maker’s recommended price is £279.95. It is delivered free the next working day and has a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.
MD 51SP lawnmower
High-wheels: MD 51 SP petrol lawb mower
And the final great value for money machine is the MD 51SP 3-in-1 Hi-Wheel Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower.
This mower has three ways if disposing of the clippings, either dropped behind the machine or collected in the 65 litre grass box or mulched and returned to the lawn as a valuable nutrient.
With its 51 cm cutting width it is made for lawns around 50 metres square and has ten cutting height adjustments from 25 to 90 mm. The higher wheels mean it can tackle rougher areas as well as lawns and makes it more stable to handle.
This has a 163 cc engine, easy to start and mean on fuel and a 1.3 litre tank.
It also has special levers on the handles making storage easier and faster.
It is an absolute bargain at £279.95 and is delivered free the next working day.
There is a two year warranty from the manufacturers.

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