Maintain soil and mow the lawn in May

Maintain soil and mow the lawn in May
    Gardens up and down the country are still likely to be a little behind their traditional annual schedule as a result of the extended winter period. 

This will not have been helped at all by the continuing unpredictable weather throughout April – so there will be plenty of work for green-fingered enthusiasts and gardening professionals alike to be getting on with in May. 

Soil maintenance should be top of the list – and the importance of this task simply cannot be overstated. This is particularly worth taking note of at a time when sowing and planting out bedding should really be starting by now. 

Here at MowDIRECT we have a very wide range of cultivator deals – and these garden tools are essential for keeping soil in tip top condition. This remains the case regardless of whether you are planting in virgin ground or simply turning the soil between rows. 

Our cheapest product is the Einhell BG-RT 7530 Electric Tiller, which we stock at £89.95 including VAT – a significant saving on the RRP of £129.95. It is a superior quality product from the German manufacturer and is extremely lightweight and easy to use, making it the ideal product for those who have to cover a lot of ground. 

Those shopping for a premium model are also catered for with the Ardisam 6014V Compact Rear Tine Cultivator – which is available for £599.00. It boasts an extremely powerful 196 cc Viper engine and is unbeatable for tackling particularly heavy soils. 

Professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson underlined the importance of getting to work sowing seeds in May. Writing in an article for the Guardian, he advised spreading the work around over a reasonable period of time, rather than rushing to get it all done. 

"A planting plan in the vegetable garden is incredibly useful," the expert remarked, adding: "Failing memories will be refreshed at a glance so that last year's crops are not repeated in the same ground. A three-year or, better still, four-year rotation of roots, beans and brassicas will help to keep pests and diseases at bay."

May is also the ideal time to get back into a routine of regular mowing – especially if the weather manages to stay dry for any length of time! As lawns tend to absolutely love the warmer temperatures brought by this time of year, a weekly once-over is advisable. 

MowDIRECT offers the biggest selection of petrol mowers in the UK, with more than 300 different models to choose from! 

The MD 40P Petrol Push Lawn Mower is a very easy-to-push model that we stock for £129.95 including VAT. Despite not being the heaviest mower around, it has a GGP SV35 Easy-Start engine that really packs a punch. 

However, gardeners looking for a more cutting-edge product may wish to consider having a look at our range of robot mowers

The Robomow RM200 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower is the cheapest entry-level product we have in store, priced at £899.00. With no fuel and oil to mix, no engine to maintain and no emissions, this is a very low-maintenance piece of kit. 

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