Luxury gardens ‘in high demand’

With winter firmly behind us and summer hopefully just around the corner, people will undoubtedly be thinking of how to make the most of their outdoor spaces.

Picking up the garden tools and getting to work creating a horticultural paradise is not the only thing Brits seem to be thinking about either.

A new report from Lloyds TSB revealed that households are investing thousands of pounds in the creation of a luxury space in their garden.

Homeowners up and down the country have spent an average of £894 on outdoor furniture and decorations over the past 12 months.

A total of £14 billion was spent on the garden last year, driven by the fact that 85 per cent of the nationwide population have access to some form of outdoor space.

This comes after a recent report from Homebase revealed that Brits spend a national total of £80 billion on their gardens.

Many households ramp up their spending on this consideration when they put their property up for sale.

Specifically, roses, lavender and fuchsia were identified as the top three plants that are most likely to sell a home.

The Lloyds research also revealed that Brits are very proud of their gardens, spending up half an hour a day in them on average.

Some 31 per cent of respondents added that they wished they could spend even more time outdoors.

Presenter of ITV's Love Your Garden Frances Tophill said: "We don't often get a chance to peek over the garden fence of the nation, but as homeowners become too time-poor for gardening, features like decking, summer houses and leisure items have moved into prime position in our back gardens."

"Whilst it is positive that we are valuing our outdoor spaces more, I hope the traditional image of the flower-filled Great British garden is not beginning to wilt," the expert continued. 

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