Ten top rear roller mowers to give lawns that perfect striped finish

The grass is now growing strongly and after the first couple of cuts and application of fertilizers and possibly scarifying as well they should be starting to look their best for the summer months ahead.
Perfectly regulated parallel stripes make a lawn look its best, but these can only be achieved by using a mower with a rear roller.
So here are ten top mowers from our extensive range which will leave you with that exact finish which will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

Hayter Spirit 41
Neat machine: Hayter Spirit 41
The first is from an iconic British name, Hayter, and it’s the Hayter Spirit 41 Petrol Push Rear Roller Lawnmower (Code: 617), a mower with a 41 cm cut ideal for smaller lawns.
With a 158 cc Briggs & Stratton 500 series engine it is one of the best mower engines, easy to start and reliable.
A full width rear roller, ribbed to provide excellent grip, it is very stable for mowing lawn edges and can cut right down to 13 mm for a neat formal finish.
The chassis is of aluminium to keep their weight down and give this mower a long life.
The mower deck is lined with ABD plastic to reduce noise and the grass box, which can hold 55 litres can be collapsed for easy storage when not in use.
It costs £299, compared with the maker’s recommended price of £359, has a three year manufacturer’s warranty and is delivered free the next working day.
Our second is from a leading American manufacturer of top class garden machinery.
The McCulloch M46-500CDR Self-Propelled Petrol Rear Roller Lawnmower
McCulloch self-propelled rear roller mower
American made: McCulloch self-propelled rear roller mower
has a 46 cutting width and is idea for the medium sized lawn – say about the size of a couple of tennis courts.
This has a Briggs & Stratton 500 engine with a single lever to change the cutting heights from 20 to 70 mm.
The solid steel cutting deck gives it great strength and to 55 litre grass box will collapse for easy storage.
Also there is a handy facility for plugging in a garden hose to make it easy to clean down the machine after use.
This mower is excellent value at £319, is delivered free the next working day and has a one year maker’s warranty.
Mountfield S461 PD ES rear roller mower
Favourite brand: Mountfield S461 PD ES rear roller mower
Now a machine from one of Britain’s favourite brands. The Mountfield S461R-PD/ES Power Driven Rear-Roller Lawnmower has the manufacturer’s own high performance engine with the advantage of having a key start – so no tugging on a starting cord.
It has a steel deck and the all important rear roller and the cutting height can be adjusted from 20 to 70 mm.
The grass box is made from fabric for easier storage and a deadman’s handle means the mower will stop and the engine will cut as soon as it is released, a useful safety device.
The maker’s recommended price is £589, but have it for sale for £549. It has a two year maker’s guarantee and is delivered free the next working day.
Sanli rear roller mower
Real bargain: Sanli reare roller mower
Now one on special offer.
The Sanli LSPR48 Power-Driven Rear Roller Rotary Lawn Mower is a real value for money mower and one of the best in its price range.
It has Sanli’s own 163 cc engine and is fuel efficient and quiet when running.
The deck is made of ABS polymer, very light and long lasting.
With a cutting width of 48 cm and cutting heights from a very short 12 mm up to 65 mm it is perfect for medium sized to larger lawns.
The grass box can hold 70 litres and like the handlebars, it folds down for easier storage.
It is on offer for £449, £50 less than the recommended price. Plus there is a free steel jerry can which normally costs £24.95.
There is a two year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
Hayter Harrier Lawn mower
Perfect stripes: Hayter Harrier Lawn mower
The Hayter Harrier 41 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed (Code: 413) has a 190 cc engine made by Briggs & Stratton with the latest engine so that it starts easily and gives plenty of power.
This mower has front fins to smooth the lawn before it is cut which leads to a better and more even cut and has a 41 cm cutting width.
There are seven cutting heights from 13 to 60 mm and it has a cutter blade friction disc which protects the crankshaft from damage should you accidentally hit something solid.
The mower has a variable speed so you can mow at the speed which suits you and the conditions.
And a rear ribbed roller gives bags of grip and ensures that striped finish. Plus it has a 53 grass box.
It costs £579 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £670 and has an extra long five year manufacturer’s warranty.
It is delivered free the next working day.
Hayter Harrier autodrive lawn mower
Perfect control: Hayter Harrier autodrive lawnmower
Another from the same stable is the Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive Lawnmower with Variable Speed (Code: 490) made for larger lawns which will look so much better with perfect parallel stripes.
This one has a 48 cm cutting width and has seven cutting heights from 13mm to 60 mm.
The engine is from Briggs & Stratton, a 190 cc 650 series designed to start easily with one pull on the starting cord.
The deck is lined to make it quieter when mowing and this too has a friction disc to minimise damage if you hit something solid – there is a lifetime guarantee from Hayter against the crankshaft bending.
An aluminium chassis gives it a long life and makes it lighter it move around.
The grass box takes an enormous 70 litres which means more mowing time and fewer visits to the compost heap.
It costs £765 – the maker’s recommended price is £899. Delivery is free and there is a five year manufacturer’s guarantee.
Honda self-propelled lawn mower
Top maker: Honda self-propelled lawnmower
Now one from Honda, a manufacturer with a top reputation. The Honda HRX426QXE Self-Propelled Rear-Roller Lawn Mower (Special Offer) has a cutting width of 42 cm and is aimed at those with smaller lawns but who want the top class finish that this manufacturer can offer.
Honda’s own 5.5 hp engine uses little fuel, is quiet and clean running and above all dependable.
The deck is chosen and designed to resist both corrosion and minor impacts and has excellent airflow to help collect the clippings more efficiency.
Cutting heights are from 29 to 55 mm and the grass box can hold 60 litres.
The rear roller gives the classic British lawn finish.
The maker’s recommended price is £810 but we have it for sale for just £699.
It has an extra long seven year maker’s warranty and is delivered free the next working day.
Mountfield  SP555R Lawnmower
Earrn your stripes: Mountfield SP555R Lawnmower
Back to Mountfield for the next one, the Mountfield SP555R Power Driven Rear-Roller Lawnmower (Recoil Start).
This has a 53 cm cutting width and is aimed at larger lawns and is especially easy to use with four speed which can be changed on the move so you can slow down for the fiddly bits around the edges and speed up along the straights.
It has an aluminium cutting deck which has a 20 year guarantee and an extra large 65 litre grass box.
The power is provided by a Honda 160 cc engine.
This one costs £699 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £799. It is delivered free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
 Masport Rotarola petrol lawnmower
From New Zealand: Masport Rotarola lawnmower
Now a larger mower on special offer from a top manufacturer. The Masport Rotarola RRSP-22 Rear-Roller Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has a 22 in cutting width and is made to take on larger lawns able to cut right down to only 10 mm.
A 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine uses little fuel and is very quiet when running the cutting deck is designed with a full width ejection chute to give excellent grass clipping collection even in the wet.
Masport claims it ‘Quick Cut’ blades help reduce mowing times by 15 per cent. The cutting deck is cast from aluminium so that it will never rust and the wheels are mounted on ball bearings for a long life.
The grass box holds a massive 70 litres and collapses for easy storage.
You can save £100 on this mower as it is for sale for just £699. Delivered free the next working day it has a three year manufacturer’s warranty.
And finally a really top notch machine and one made with the professional gardener in mind.
Honda professional lawnmower
One for the pro: Honda lawnmower
The Honda HRH536QX Professional Power-Driven Rear-Roller Lawn Mower boats top build quality and is made to tackle the toughest tasks over long periods.
A 163 cc Honda engine is at the heart of this mower, made to start easily and be fuel efficient.
It has an extra-wide 53 cutting wide and a massive 83 litre grass box, so that large lawns can be mowed as quickly and efficiently as possible leaving a perfect striped finish.
The cutting heights are easily adjusted from 14 to 52 mm and you can stop the blades from turning while leaving the engine running, a useful time saving device for when moving around the garden or emptying the grass box.
The handlebars are adjustable to suit the user’s height.
It is delivered free the next working day, has a seven year manufacturer’s warranty and costs £1349, compared with the recommended price of £1600.
See our site for a fuller selection of mowers with a rear roller to give that perfect striped finish to your lawn.
And remember you can always phone us on 18545 588905, between 9 and 5 Monday to Friday, if you have any questions.

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