Scarify the lawns now for a perfect green sward all summer

The lawns took quite a bashing through the terrible winter months and many are not looking their best after the first cut of the season.
So now is a good time to scarify them to get rid of all the dead grass, moss and weed which took hold and we know that many of you are looking to but your first scarifier.
So here are five top machines for every size of garden which will put lawns back into tip top condition.
The first is the Al-Ko 38 E

Al-Ko 38 e combi care aerator scarifier
Great value: Al-Ko 38 e combi care aerator scarifier
a two in one machine with both an aerator cassette and a scarifier.
The aeration cassette makes small slits into the lawn the let air and moisture through and the scarifier has 24 sprung steel hooks to tease out moss and other rubbish which impedes growth.
It has five working depths and a 1300 Watt motor and a large catcher for all the debris.
It costs £179 and is delivered free the next working day. Plus there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Its big brother, the Al-Ko Comfort 38P Combi-Care Petrol Aerator / Scarifier
Al-Ko 38p combi care petrol scarifier aerator
Versatility: Al-Ko 38p combi care petrol scarifier aerator
, is a similar machine with separate aerator and scarifier casettes but this one has at its heart a 53 cc petrol engine and so is much easier to use around the gaden as there is no trailing cable to worry about.
The scarifier has 24 spring steel hooks to left out the debris and the aerator has 24 steel blades to penetrate the surface and let in the light and moisture.
Large rear wheel also make it easier to move around and there are five height settings.
And as an added bonus this one has a free 10 litre Garden Power fuel can worth £14.95.
It costs £329 and has a two year maker’s warranty. Delivery is free the next working day.
Einhell BG-SC scarifier
Best seller: Einhell BG-SC scarifier
Now our best seller and not without reason. The Einhell BG-SC 2240P Petrol Lawn Scarifier, currently on special offer, is the best performing machine in its price range, engineered in Germany and designed with lawns of around 1000 sq metres in mind.
It has 18 double sided steel blades which really get to work with stubborn thatching and moss and it has a 45 litre catcher at the back for all the detritus.
The 118 cc engine fires up easily and is ultra reliable.
This great value for money machine costs £279.95, and that’s a full £220 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Delivery is free the next working day and it has a two year maker’s warranty.
Weibang pro lawn scarifier
One for the pro: Weibang-WB384RB-Pro-Lawn-Scarifier-700c
Now for a machine which has been designed to handle really difficult tasks.
The Weibang WB384RB Pro Lawn Scarifier is made by a well-established Chinese company with a Briggs & Stratton 158 cc engine at its heart.
This 159 cc engine has been designed to start very easily and has a special air filter to prolong the machine’s working life.
There are 22 double sided blades to ease out the thatching and other rubbish. It can work at a variety of depths and the mechanism can be disengaged if you want to move the machine along paths without stopping the motor.
It has a steel chassis and has ball bearing mounted wheels.
It costs £519, £60 less than the maker’s recommended price. Delivery is free to the UK mainland.
And finally, one from a top manufacturer of scarifiers. This one is the Dori SC38T Lawn Scarifier is a top quality machine aimed at owners of medium sized lawns with an 80 cc engine driving 16 steel knives which can be set for absolutely precise control.
An all steel frame gives it great strength and the folding handlebars mean it takes less room when in the shed and not in use.
This one costs £409, £40 less than the maker’s recommended retail price.
Dori SC 38 T lawn scarifier
Big lawns: Dori SC 38 T lawn scarifier
The Dori SC38T Lawn Scarifier comes equipped with a 40-litre debris-catcher, so you won’t have to spend time clearing debris from your lawn’s surface once you’ve finished scarifying.
Its all-steel construction confers impressive strength and durability; while its fold-down handlebars ensure it won’t take-up too much space in the storage area.
Delivery is free to the UK mainland. And it costs £409.
See our special selection of scarifiers on our site, there’s one for every lawn and every pocket.

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