Ten top tillers to prepare the ground for vigorous crop growth

Spring has sprung, the lawn is showing the first signs of growth and the vegetable plots and allotments need digging over if we are to have decent crops later in the year.
And this is where a good garden tiller really earns its stripes and can save considerable effort and possible a painful back as well!
So here are ten top tillers for every sort of garden which will help give the crops and flowers a good start.

MD Micro Tiller
Small gardens: MD Micro Tiller
The first is a very simple little machine, ideal for digging around flowers in the shrubberies and turning over the soil in a small vegetable plot.
The MD Micro Tiller, currently on special offer, is light and easy to use with shopper style handlebars ideal for smaller gardens.
It tills down to a depth of 20 cm and has a working width of 25 cm, just right for getting between flowers and tilling between the rows of vegetables. It is also handy for digging in fertilizers and compost.
There is a 42.7 cc engine to power it along and once you’ve finished with it the handles fold down for easy storage -you can even hang it from the walls of sheds or garages.
There is £100 off this machine as it is just £149.95. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Mountfielld Manor Compact Cultivator
Neat worker: Mountfield Manor Compact Cultivator
Second in our top ten is the Mountfield Manor 36 Cultivator, with a 100 cc engine and belt drive transmission.
This one has a working width of 36 cm and the tilling depth can be adjusted via a depth skid. Four steel rotors give excellent performance.
The handlebars are adjustable so you can till at the best height to suit the user and there is a transport wheel to help move the machine around the garden.
The maker’s recommended retail price is £269 but we have it for sale for just £229. Mowdirect is the official Mountfield on-line partner and this helps us bring you so many great deals from this company.
It is delivered free within three to five working days and there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
Einhell BG-MT cultivator
German engineering: Einhell BG-PM cultivator
Now one a little stronger. The Einhell BG-MT 3360-LD Petrol Tiller / Cultivator is exclusive to Mowdirect and comes from a leading German engineering company.
This is perfect for the larger vegetable garden or small allotment with a working width of 60 cm with its six steel cultivator blades.
There is a 163 cc engine which starts easily and is very economical and quiet to run.
The working depth can be adjusted via a brake skid and the handles can be adjusted to suit the operator.
A throttle adjusts the revs to suite the conditions and there is a dead man’s handle to stop the blades as soon as it is released.
This machine is currently on offer at £200 less than the maker’s recommended price as it is just £299.95.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.
Mantis 4-stroke cultivator
Honda engine: Mantis 4-stroke cultivator
Now here’s a great little machine powered by a Honda engine.
The Mantis 4-Stroke Tiller/Cultivator is light and very easy to use and is especially easy when tilling flower borders and small vegetable plots.
Its working width is just 23 cm making it ideal for these jobs and it has ‘Serpentine’ tines which are designed to dig down 25 cm through difficult roots and heavier soil.
The four-stroke 25 cc Honda engine is easy to start and very reliable.
Attachments available with this tiller include a crevice cleaner, very useful getting around the edges of houses and patois to keep them spruce.
This machine costs £359.95, and there is a five year guarantee. Delivery is free the next working day.
Bertolini BT 190 cultivator
Italian power: Bertolini cultivator
Now a machine from an established Italian manufacturer. The Bertolini BT190 Front-Tine Cultivator with Reverse Drive which is currently on special offer, is perfect for the larger garden and allotment with a 182 cc Emak engine with the drive delivered by a chain drive which runs through an oil bath to give this tiller a longer life.
One handy feature is a reverse gear, useful for when tilling into a tight corner or getting bogged down by heavy ground.
It has a rotor guard and a rotor brake, both valuable safety features. The handlebars can be adjusted to suit the height of the user and it is relatively light in weight. Plus a front transport wheel makes it easier to move around.
The maker’s recommended price is £679.80 but we have it on special offer for £429. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
ArdissamBAdger Cultivator
Workhorse: Ardisam Badger Cultivator
Now we’re getting into much more serious machinery.
The Ardisam Earthquake Badger 650 Front-Tine Rototiller, currently on special offer, is ideal for the larger allotments and those with a bigger garden.
Very solidly built, it has a Briggs & Stratton 190 cc Quantam engine which has a mechanical torque control and an ignition system which decompresses the engine for easier starting.
This machine is built for a long life and has a powder coated finish. And there is a choice of three tilling widths, 27 cm, 40 cm and 52 cm which has obvious advantages.
The design of the tiller means it will resist getting bogged down and can maintain an ideal working depth when in use.
The handlebars are adjustable and the engine has remarkably little vibration.
It costs £469 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £522.88. Plus there is free next working day delivery and a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Al-Ko cultivator
German power: Al-Ko petrol cultivator
This next one comes from a top German company which manufacturer is really tough equipment.
The Al-Ko MH5060R Petrol Cultivator has a working width of 75 cm and is ideal for larger allotments.
A Briggs & Stratton 206 cc engine provides the power, and is designed to be fuel efficient and to emit fewer emissions.
It has six steel tines which will break down even the most stubborn soils and has three working depths and the working width is adjustable to either 50 or 75 cm depending on the task.
A reverse gear is incorporated to make it easier to get out of tight corners and the handlebars can be adjusted to suit the user.
It costs £595 and delivery is free the next working day. A useful extra is a ridge plough which costs £80.
Honda Tiller
True power: Honda Tiller
Now a tiller from a firm renowned for manufacturing top class equipment.
The Honda FG315 Tiller has a really large 80 cm tilling width making it suitable for larger areas.
The engine is Honda’s own 4.5 GCV135 model and an even power level. There is a reverse gear for those difficult bits of the allotment.
It has ‘slasher’ type rotor blades which can dig into a break up even the hardest sun-baked soils. And naturally it has crop protection discs to keep the machine away from growing plants when tilling between the rows.
The maker’s recommended retail price is £720 but we have it for sale for £669. Delivery is free to all UK mainland addresses.
If you’re looking for a tiller for a really large allotment of smallholding then this one should be on your shortlist.
The Husqvarna TR 430 Professional Rear-Tine Tiller
Husqvarna rear tine cultivator
One for the pro: Husqvarna rear tine cultivator
has chain-driven rotors for the toughest of tasks and is driven by a 169 cc Subaru EX170 engine which produces little vibration and gives terrific power
Plus there is a 3.4 litre fuel tank, so more tilling and less re-fuelling.
This one has seven pre-set working depths and a working width of 43 cm and there is a reverse gear as well.
Large deep tread tyres give excellent grip in in the toughest of surfaces. And there is the all-important reverse gear plus adjustable handlebars.
This one costs £999 and delivery is free to the UK mainland.
And finally a machine for the largest allotments and often the choice of smallholders.
Bertolini 401 cultivator
Top worker: Bertolini Rotary Cultivator
The Bertolini 401 Two Wheel Rotary Cultivator has the sort of power which can cope with the largest tasks and the most difficult soils.
Providing the power is a Honda GX160 engine with the transmission through an oil bath to prolong the tiller’s working life.
There are three pre-set depths and the working width can be either 35 or 50 cm. And the handlebars can be adjusted to suit the operator.
There is a wide range of attachments which are easy to fit to make this machine a truly versatile workhorse for the larger allotments of smallholdings. All these attachments have been designed to be easy to fit.
This one costs £1349 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £1736.
It is delivered free within three to five working days and there is a two year maker’s warranty.
These are just ten of the tillers available on our site so before making your selection please have a browse through the special pages.

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