Just relax, the robot’s mowing the lawn for you

Everyone wants a mower which will leave the lawn with a perfect finish with the least possible effort and the latest robotic models take this form of mowing to a new level.
Robomow has been producing robotic mowers since 1997 and their latest introductions make robotic lawn mowers a genuine alternative for every size of lawn.
For the medium sized lawn, say up to the size of two tennis courts, the Robomow RM510 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower is an ideal machine.

Robomow RM510
Take it easy: Robomow RM510
It is really simple to set up the garden for the Robomower, just peg a wire around the edge of the lawn starting and finishing at the base station. There is no need to let the wire into the lawn as it is soon absorbed into the turf.
It has a base station to which it returns for re-charging or if the allotted mowing time ends – it will only work when you want it to.
Robomow claims that if it normally takes an hour to cut the lawn it will take around an hour and a half to peg out the edges and install the base station.
Every machine has full instructions and a video to explain the process.
Cuttings are mulched and returned to the lawn as a compost and quickly break down.
It can cut up to 80 mm in height and down to 20 mm and has a cutting width of 18 cm.
It is fitted with a sensor so that it parks itself should the rains come and has the advantage of cutting outside the width of the wheels, virtually eliminating the need to go round with a strimmer afterwards.
A tilt sensor if fitted to stop the blades revolving should it be tipped over, and if you want to cut a particularly tricky area the machine has a hand controller.
The machine comes with a 15 metre power supply cable for the base station, a special ruler to help you set the wires at the correct distances from the edge, 150 metres of perimeter wire and 150 pegs for holding it down.
This machine costs £1049, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year maker’s guarantee.
Robomow RS630 robotic mower
Alternative to a lawn tractor: Robomow RS 630 robotic mower
And the largest machine in the company’s range is a genuine alternative to a ride-on lawn mower as it can cut areas up to 300 sq metres, that’s about the size of about 12 tennis courts.
The Robomow RS630 Automatic Robot Lawn Mower has sharp bales giving a cutting width of 56cm and has a battery which will run for one a half hours before it detects the charge is getting low and it parks itself back in the base station – it takes one and a half hours to recharge before it happily trundles off again.
This machine is designed so it cuts outside the wheel line obviating the need to strim the edges and is fitted with a pin code so it will not run if stolen.
It cuts down to a very short 20 mm and up to a height of 80 mm and a damp sensor sends it back to base if it rains.
A remote controller is also available at extra cost.
Included with the package are 450 metres of perimeter wire, 20 metres of cable to connect power to the base station, a special ruler to make sure the perimeter wire is correctly placed around the edges and paths and a DVD and an instruction manual.
This larger model costs £2499, comes delivered free the next working day and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

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