Rotary mowers ‘change gardeners attitude to lawns’

The first signs of spring that usually accompany the start of April signal a time of change for gardeners, who are usually dusting off their pruning gloves and getting their hands dirty with the planting of fresh blossoms.

Unfortunately for many, the recent cold snap has sent what we usually expect during this period into what seems to be a distant memory, when we can only wait and hope that the snow clears in time for the upcoming Easter weekend.

But what is clear to see for all green-fingered enthusiasts out there, is that the manner in which we look after our gardens – even in times of extreme and unpleasant weather – has changed over time.

The development of fresh and exciting tools that make life that little bit easier for planters and growers has seen the world of gardening completely revolutionised.

Daily Telegraph expert Helen Yemm echoed this sentiment exactly in a recent article, pointing to the creation of rotary mowers as a major development for those individuals who prefer to keep a more trimmed and tidy effect in their outdoor areas.

Ms Yemm also highlighted the electric cylinder mower, which has a weighty roller on the back that leaves immaculate stripes in its wake, as an important development – although many enthusiasts have shunned this option in favour of a more hi-tech invention.

Here at MowDirect we offer the Allett Classic 12E Electric Cylinder Lawn Mower for £340.00 including VAT. This option provides users with the capability to create a close-cropped, striped finish – even on smaller lawns.

Alternatively, you may prefer the finish of the Bosch Rotak 37 Ll Ergoflex Cordless/Battery Powered Rear Roller Lawn Mower, which is available for only £369.95 including VAT.

This sleek and stylish model can be charged to full power in just an hour and a half, making it the most convenient product for those gardeners juggling a hectic work and personal life.

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