Two new cordless mowers to rival petrol power

Battery-powered lawnmowers have been around for some time but this year they have come of age thanks to the latest machines from American company Greenworks.
Their latest high performance mowers deliver the same power and cutting options as petrol engines and can mow areas up to the size of two tennis courts without re-charging.
Their mowers and other garden machinery rely on the latest lithium-ion batteries which deliver terrific power and are simply and quickly re-charged and what is more they are substantially cheaper to run.
The latest introduction to this country, the Greenworks G-MAX 45Li-40V Lithium-Ion 4-in-1 Cordless Lawnmower (25297)

Greenworks g-max 40 Volt 4 in 1 cordless mower
Cable free: Greenworks 40 volt 4 in 1 mower

with four ways of dealing with the clippings.
They can either be discharged to the side or back, mulched and returned to the lawn or collected and composted down via the 50 litre grass box.
The working width is a generous 45 cm and there are seven cutting heights from 20 mm up to 70 mm.
It has been designed to leave the traditional striped finish as well.
The battery can be fully re-charged in a couple of hours and is very simply lifted from the mower.
For easy storage and transport the handles fold down via quick-release levers.
And don’t forget, the battery and charger come with the mower, so if you buy another Greenworks product there is no need to buy battery and charger again.
And another great advantage is that the machine is ready to mow at the push of a button and there is no annual servicing.
Another important feature is the guarantee. This one has a four year maker’s warranty, much longer than most other petrol powered models.
It costs £339 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £459.
Delivery is free the next working day.

Greenworks g-max 50li 3 in 1 cordless mower
Twin cutters: Greenworks 3 in 1 cordless mower

And here’s one from the same company which is genuinely ground breaking.
The Greenworks G-MAX 50Li-40V Lithium-Ion 3-in-1 Twin-Force Cordless Lawnmower 25137 will happily tackle 2000 sq metre lawns.
This machine has twin bladed cutting system for a better neater cut. And it is supplied with two 40 Volt batteries so you can be mowing away while the other is on charge so letting you tackle larger areas.
Another clever piece of technology is the Greenworks Power Save system which adjusts the speed of the blades according to the toughness of the task.
The cutting width is 49 cm and the clippings can be either discharged at the back, collected in the 60 litre grass box or mulched and returned to the lawn.
The grass box has an indicator to show when it’s full.
It has been designed to leave a striped finish and the high wheels make it easy to move, especially on rougher ground.
This mower costs £449, the manufacturer’s price is £669. There is a four year warranty from Greenworks and we deliver free the next working day.

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