The classic British mower for a perfect finish to the lawn

Picture a British garden in summer with rolling, striped lawns fit for croquet and tea parties, and the gentle puttering of the green and gold lawnmower can’t be far away.
And chances are that it will be one a machine from Allett, a company whose mowers exude tradition and quality.
The great advantage of these two mowers described below is that both can be easily turned into a scarifier as well with a simple attachment.

Allett 14l cylinder mower
Perfect finish: Allett 14l cylinder mower
The Allett Classic 14L Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower has a neat 87 cc four-stroke engine to drive the five blade cutting cylinder and to move the mower along.
The solid rear roller is all steel with smooth edges which won’t damage the turf and will leave that traditional striped finish many people want.
Because it is a cylinder mower it can cut down to a very low 6 cm and up to 32 mm. The cutting heights are very easily changed by a dial.
The grass box can take 32 litres and is made from tough polypropylene.
But this mower can also be very simply converted into a scarifier by slotting in a scarifying cassette to take the place of the mowing cylinder.
Scarifying the lawn regularly rids it of dead grasses and moss patches and lets moisture and nutrients reach to the roots more easily.
The scarifying cartridge costs £120 and the mower itself is £569.
It is delivered free the next working day and comes with the maker’s one year guarantee.
Allett 17l cylinder mower
British made: Allett 17l cylinder mower
The Allett Classic 17L Petrol Cylinder Lawn Mower is a similar machine but with a wider cutting width with a really close 6 mm cutting height for perfectly manicured lawns, the sort of finish you need for croquet.
The cutting heights also go up to 32 mm when you don’t need to be quite so precise.
The 87 cc engine powers the cutting mechanism and the rear roller for forward motion which gives the striped finish. And is it has both a front and rear roller the cut is exceptionally even.
The grass box holds 40 litres and all in all this is the perfect mower for a medium sized lawn.
A handlebar mounted throttle controls the speed and there is a deadman’s handle as a safety device – the lawnmower trundling away on its own is all very well in comedy films but not in practice if it’s your garden!
Again, a scarifier easy-to-fit cartridge is available, and costs £140.
Free next day delivery and a one year maker’s guarantee are standard and the mower costs £655.
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