Ten top mid price lawn tractors for Spring

A rise in temperatures at last heralds the busiest time of the year in the garden and now more than ever you will notice the benefit of a ride on lawn tractor.
With the range of attachments they can be make light work of all different types of attention the lawn needs at this time of year as well as delivering its first haircut.
So here we list ten top mid range garden tractors which will make the Spring chores easier and give you a better garden through the rest of the year.
First is the Mountfield 1430H, a great little lawn tractor with an 82 cm cutting width and twin blades for an improved cut.
It has a 432 cc engine and has been designed to mow right up to the edges of borders and walls and the engine has a proper oil pump for improved lubrication and a longer life.

Great Machine: Mountfield-1430H-Lawn-Garden-Tractor-700c

There is hydrostatic transmission which gives ultimate speed control and the machine has a tight turning circle.
Because of the twin bladed cutting system there is better flow of air across the cutting deck and this leads to improved grass collection. The grass box can take 240 litres, unusually large. And there are seven cutting heights from 25 to 80 mm.
Comfortable and simple to drive the seat is adjustable nad the tyres and deeply patterned for good traction.
Another handy feature is a facility which lets you attach a hose to wash out the cutting deck.
You can also buy a mulching kit and a deflector for when cutting the longer grass.
It costs £1699 compared with the recommended retail price of £1899, and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty and free delivery within three to five working days.

Al-Ko lawn tractor
Al-Ko lawn tractor
Second is one from Al-Ko, a German manufacturer which designs and manufacturers top machinery.
Power for the Al-Ko 13-92H is provided by a 344 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, easy to start and smooth and quiet in running.
This too has hydrostatic drive so you can go as quickly or slowly as you want without having to change gear. And in case of a slight steering mistake there is a front bumper to absorb light impacts without damaging the machine.
Cutting heights are from 30 to 90 mm and there is a 300 litre grass box which is very easy to tip and empty.
This tractor costs £1899 compared with the recommended retail price of £2049. Delivery is free within three to five working days and there is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.
Now a machine with a large cutting width and great build quality.
Lawnflite lawn tractor
Lawnflite lawn tractor
The Lawnflite 903 R Lawn Tractor has transmatic drive for great speed control in both and revere gear plus the ability to change gear on the move.
A 15.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine gives bags of power and there are five cutting heights from 30 to 95 cm and the machine has been designed to collect the clippings when it’s dry and wet.
It has a pivoting front axle and a tight turning circle and the machine’s low centre of gravity gives extra grip on slopes and turns. The grass box can hold 240 litres and is designed to be very simple to empty.
It is also simple to remove the box and fix other attachments to make the use of the machine.
It costs £2199, a £300 saving on the maker’s recommended price.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Mountfield front cut lawn tractor
Out in front: Mountfield front cut lawn tractor
Now a machine from a favourite manufacturer, the Mountfield 2135H Front Cut Ride-On Mower perfect for large formal lawns.
This machine has an 85 cm twin-bladed deck cutter which finely shreds the clippings and returns them to the lawn where they rot down and provide valuable nutrients.
As the photograph shows with the front-mounted deck it is possible to mow under overhanging obstructions, an extremely useful feature for larger lawns.
The cutting height id adjustable from 30 to 80 mm.
A Briggs & Stratton 344cc engine gives loads of power and reliability and has a key start to save you tugging on starting ropes.
There is a hydrostatic drive which gives great speed control and rear wheel steering gives great manoeuvrability.
There is three year maker’s warranty and free delivery within five to seven working days.
It costs £2360, £210 less than the maker’s recommended price.
Now here’s one from a top American manufacturer.
Snapper Lawn Tractor
Snappy mover: Snapper Lawn Tractor
The Snapper ELT2246 Lawn & Garden Tractor is aimed at property owners with large areas of land to maintain.
A Briggs & Stratton, a twin cylinder engine is really powerful and has a balanced crankshaft to minimise vibrations. And electric key start makes it easier to start and the machine has a hydrostatic drive for better speed control. It also has a 31 cm turning circle.
This machine is made to handle longer grass with a side-discharge cutter deck and has seven cutting heights from 32 to 102 mm. It is also designed to prevent scalping as you turn.
An optional triple bag collector is available and you can even buy a snow blade and snow thrower as extras – it will get cold again at some stage.
It costs £2499 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £2699. It has a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and free delivery within three to five working days.
Now one from an absolutely top manufacturer.
Honda lawn tractor
Great brand: Honda HF-2315SBE
The Honda HF-2315SBE Lawn Tractor is a really well built and designed machine with Honda’s own 15 hp twin cylinder engine with excellent fuel consumption figures.
The manual transmission has five forward and one revere gears
It has a 280 litre grass box and a cutter deck on floating suspension a great help when cutting uneven or sloping ground. Cutting heights vary from 30 to 80 mm.
The turning circle is a tight 70 cm to help you drive round sharp corners.
The mower costs £2685 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £2885.
There is a five year manufacturer’s warranty and delivery is free within five to seven working days.
Wolf-Garten Blue Power Lawn Tractor
Wolf-Garten Blue Power Lawn Tractor
The WOLF-Garten Blue Power 105.200H Lawn & Garden Tractor is made to deal with medium sized to larger lawns and has the latest Briggs & Stratton 656 cc twin cylinder engine.
The clever fuel tank with a special fuel can save fuel loss by evaporation by 50 per cent.
A special device can tell you when the engine needs servicing and saves on wear and tear.
The cutting width is 105 cc and cutting heights vary from 30 to 95 mm. And there is a pivoting front axle to give an even cut on lumpy ground.
A high backed adjustable seat makes it a comfortable machine to drive and emptying the 240 litre grass box is simple by using a telescopic handle.
This machine has twin headlights to keep toy working in the murk; and in case should have an unfortunate nudge there is a front bumper.
A mulching kit and rear deflector are available as optional extras.
It costs £2699, £300 less than the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.
Delivery is free within three to five working days and there is a two year maker’s guarantee.
Westwood Lawn Tractor
Westwood Lawn Tractor
Now a machine classically designed and British made.
The Westwood S1500H Garden Tractor is ideal for an area of around an acre and a half powered by a 500 cc single cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine and has a double skinned bonnet to keep engine noise to a minimum.
The Westwood is fitted with a powerful, economical and smooth-running 500cc single-cylinder engine from the world’s leading garden-machinery engine manufacturers Briggs & Stratton. Westwood’s revolutionary double-skinned bonnet ensures engine-noise is drastically reduced; while an integrated computer works to maintain optimum performance-levels at all times. System information is presented on an easy-to-read dashboard.
The hydrostatic drive is precise and there are ten cutting heights from a very short 12 mm to 101 mm for the longer stuff.
And a very useful feature is the power take-off so you can run all manner of other machinery and attachments.
And just in case of mishaps there is a proper parking brake.
The cutting width is 92 cm and there is also a 300 litre powered grass collector available which uses brushes to sweep clippings into the grass box and has a roller to give the traditional striped finish.
It costs £2895 and has a two year maker’s warranty and three to five working days delivery.
Mountfield Lawn Tractor
Mountfield Lawn Tractor
Now another from Mountfield, the 1840H Lawn Tractor with hydrostatic transmission with a special cutter deck which is suitable for larger gardens up to three acres.
This engine is very fuel efficient and has a 300 litres grass box.
A handy feature is is an audible alarm on this box which gives a loud beep when it needs emptying. And there is another handy feature which lets you attach a hose and wash the cutting deck.
An illuminated dashboard gives information; and a tow bar and mulching plug are included in the price.
A five year warranty from the manufacturer and free delivery within three to five working days are included in the price of £2899, and that’s £300 less then the recommended retail price.
Al-Ko T20 Lawn Tractor
Al-Ko T20 Lawn Tractor
And finally a top notch machine developed in Germany for larger gardens.
The has a 565 cc twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine with a hydrostatic transmission so you can drive it precis Al-Ko T20-102 HDE Powerline Lawn Tractor.
The grass box holds 300 litres and has an alarm to tell when it’s full and can be emptied from the driver’s seat.
A full dashboard and twin headlights make this a really top class machine with 102 cm cutting width and cutting heights ranging from 30 to 90 mm.
It costs £2999 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £3379, has a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and is delivered free within three to five working days.
These are just ten of our tractors between £1500 and £3000 from our site and shows the huge range of equipment available.
But if you need any further help please give our team a ring on 08454 588905 between 9 am and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.

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