Garden machinery at great prices when you buy a Greenworks Cordless Mower

The Greenworks Cordless Mower is a ideal lightweight machine for the small to medium sized garden, but once purchased a host of other garden machinery is available at bargain prices.

Greenworks 40 V cordless lawn mower
Light in weight:: Greenworks 40 V cordless lawn mower

The mower is a great machine for the small to medium sized lawn as it is very light in weight, easy to use and gives all the power you need.
It relies on the latest Lithium-ion battery for power and provides 40 minutes continuous running time.
It is the ideal mower for a lawn around the size of a tennis court with a mowing width of 41 cm and cutting heights from 30 to 90 mm.
And as there is no trailing cable to worry about you can easily get into the hidden difficult corners around the lawn edges.
But once purchased, the battery can fit in other Greenworks garden machinery which are available at unbeatable prices.
For instance you can buy a cordless chainsaw for only £69. And a leaf blower for £39 and strimmer edger for £59.
A hedge trimmer costs just £59.
These prices are possible as the battery fits all the machines and when you buy the mower, the battery and charger are included in the prices.
Spare batteries can be bought for £119 and a spare charger is £25.
The Cordless Mower is just £259 compared with the maker’s price of £399. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a four year manufacturer’s warranty.

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