Climbers ‘are not the only plant that likes walls’

Climbers are renowned for the kind of maintenance they need – as it is very important to keep them in shape in order to avoid them damaging the buildings they are growing up.

However, these are far from being the only plants that can really take advantage of the space offered by a wall.

Indeed, if used correctly the wall of a building can really become an indispensible asset to green-fingered enthusiasts and gardening professionals alike.

Professional gardener Dan Pearson emphasised that walls really are an asset to the canny planter – although acknowledging that not all of them are well-suited to this purpose.

In an article for the Guardian, he explained that plants that wall climbers do not necessarily need the individual to scale a ladder in order to keep them trim.

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Mr Pearson said that bare stems that are placed against walls are better if they are naked – especially when it comes to the warm, summer months.

Pruning can also keep the plant in good health and reduce the risks of it causing any damage to the property.

"Walls, whichever way they face, should be savoured, but not all walls are for planting," Mr Pearson remarked, adding that some are far too pretty in their own right, without the need for plant life to be grown up them – especially if they are already covered in lichen. 

"Others are too short and if they are to be planted need to be teamed with well-adapted winter jasmine or chaenomeles and not a climber that will outstrip them to wave uncomfortably in the breeze," the expert continued.

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