Two new log splitters to save time stocking up the wood pile

With the bitter weather conditions continuing the need to keep the log pile replenished has never been greater and these two machines from leading manufacturer Mitox could be a godsend.

Mitox Multisplit log splitter
Great machine: Mitox Multisplit log splitter
The Mitox LS550 Multisplit Electric Log-Splitter can split a huge amount of logs very quickly thanks to the revolutionary four way splitting wedge.
This means logs can be split in four different positions, saving time as there is no need to go back to the same piece of wood and split it again.
With this machine you can adjust the distance from the hydraulic ram to the wedge to suit the length of the log.
The motor is a powerful 3000 Watt one giving a splitting force of 5.5 tons, enough for twisted and knotted wood which can often challenge lesser machines.
It can take logs up to 105 cm long and has a five metre power cable supplied.
This splitter costs £469 and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
Mitox LS700 multisplit log splitter
For twisted wood: Mitox LS700 multisplit log splitter
Its bigger brother is the Mitox LS700 Multisplit Electric Log-Splitter, a similarly really powerful machine with the same four way splitting wedge to speed up the job and engineered to minimise the amount of time the splitting action takes.
The 3000 Watt motor exerts seven tons of pressure so thick grained and hard twisted woods like turkey oak or holly won’t be a problem.
This one costs £559, is delivered free the next working day and has a two year maker’s warranty.
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