Two snow blowers to keep you mobile at home and at work

More snow is forecast for the next couple of days at least and many people have had enough of labouring away with shovels to keep paths and drives clear.
So here are a couple of machines from Stiga to make life a lot easier around the home and at work.

Stiga snow electric snow blower
Around the house: Stiga snow electric snow blower
The Stiga Snow Electric 31 Snow Blower is a simple little snow shifter which works as a sort of electric shovel perfect for paths and patios around the house.
To us it, just plug it in and press the button, simple as that. It is designed for hard surfaces and will clear snow right back to the surface, ‘back to black’.
It has a working width of 31 cm and an intake height of 23 cm making it adequate to deal with most recent snow falls.
Rather than wheels it has snow shoes which slide along the surface and the telescopic handles make sure you are working at the right height without having to strain your back.
It costs just £89, £10 off the maker’s recommended price, is delivered free the next working day and has a one year maker’s guarantee.
If you have a bigger property or own a small business where snow stops you from carrying out normal activities this one could be the answer.
The Stiga Snow Patrol Dual-Stage Snow Blower
Stiga Snow Patrol Snow Blower
Heavy snow falls: Stiga Snow Patrol Snow Blower
is a much more serious piece of kit, with a 55 cm working width and an intake height of 50 cm.
It is self propelled thanks to a 182 cc engine and has four forward and two reverse gears.
Those reverse gears can be very handy if you get in a tight corner or encounter an especially deep drift.
The power to each wheel can be controlled separately giving excellent manoeuvrability.
A front steel auger mashes up compacted snow and ice and drags it into the main body of the machine where and impellor takes over and throws the snow up to ten metres away.
The exit chute rotates 180 degrees and there is a deflector plate as well to alter the pitch.
Front skid shoes are adjustable depending on the surface being cleared and deep patterned tyres give plenty of grip.
It costs £599 compared with the maker’s recommended retail price of £679, delivery is free the next working day and there is a one year maker’s warranty.
Once cleared of deep snow you would be advised to put an ice melt down to prevent ice forming and we have just the product on our site as well as loads more snow blowers to keep you mobile.

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