Mulch ‘can conserve water in a garden’

There are so many issues that face gardeners in the colder winter months that it can be easy to overlook a few essential tasks.

One of these is water conservation – and it is particularly easy to be dismissive about this consideration during times of heavy rainfall.

Indeed, with last year proving to be the second wettest in the past 100 years, it would appear to be the case that too much water is a much bigger priority for gardeners right now.

However, it can be very difficult to predict what is in store in the future – and many scientists are concerned that drought could be a more prominent issue in the future.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, Noel Kingsbury – who has been professionally active in horticulture since 1986 – noted that the UK has come very close to severe drought conditions over the past few years.

The expert added that he expects this to be the dominant long-term trend, so green-fingered enthusiasts would be well advised to prepare for this eventuality.

Mulching is one great way of conserving water for some plants – and it is particularly relevant at this time of the year, as it can also provide some much-needed protection from harsh and frosty conditions.

Here at MowDIRECT, we offer a wide range of chippers and shredders, many of which are capable of transforming garden waste into this valuable substance.

"Selecting appropriate plants and keeping moisture in the soil by mulching are passive strategies for dealing with drought," Mr Kingsbury remarked, noting that this approach first became popular in the 1980s.

"But lots of gardeners still want to grow 'thirsty' plants, such as summer bedding and container plants," the expert continued, adding: "Along with the rise in home vegetable growing, this means there is still a huge need for more proactive water management."

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