Three ways of clearing away the snow as winter makes her presence felt

Winter seems to have arrived with a vengeance but modern snow clearing equipment means there’s no need for us to shut up shop.
Snow blowers and salt and ice melt spreaders can shift snow and ice really simply and easily so there’s no need to stay at home and phone in blaming the snow, much through you might be tempted.

Stiga electric single stage snow blower
Keep the paths safe: Stiga electric single stage snow blower
Here’s a great little machine for clearing snow from paths and drives around the house.
The Stiga Snow Electric Single-Stage Snow Blower will quickly blast snow away and is real value for money machine.
Just plug it in and you’re ready to go with the rubber-bladed auger clearing right back to the ground (you’ll hear the expression back to black used when talking about snow blowers) and moving the machine forward so it’s easy to use.
The 1800 Watt engine then forces the snow up through a chute which can be rotated through 180 degrees and adjusted from the driving position.
The working width is 45 cm and the intake height is 25 cm, ideal for paths and drives.
It normally costs £199 but we have it for sale for £179. Delivery is free the next working day.
McCulloch petrol snow blower
Blown away: McCulloch petrol snow blower
A more powerful petrol-powered machine which is currently on special offer is the McCulloch SB121 Single-Stage Petrol Snow Blower which has a 54 cm working width and an intake height of 33 cm.
Power comes from 208 cc engine designed especially for winter use so that the rubber bladed auger can break up the snow and throw it away through the chute and propel it along at the same time.
The recoil start cord has an especially large handle to make starting easier and the chute can be turned by hand.
Handles fold down for easier storage and it can be transported in the back of a car – your friends will almost certainly want to borrow it!
The maker’s recommended price is £499, we did have it for sale at £399 but we’ve now take a further £50 off so it’s just £349.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a one year maker’s guarantee.
Magic ice melt
Great power: Magic ice melt
But you will also need something to melt the snow and ice as well and we have just the stuff, LNT Magic Ice Melt Original.
Used by airports worldwide, it has a great advantage over rock salt or other chemicals in that it is non toxic and can be safely used near pets and will not harm flowers or the lawn and is non corrosive so if a bit does get near the car it will not harm it.
A 10 kg bag will cover 2000 sq metres, and that’s ten times the coverage of rock salt.
A 10 kg bag costs £25, a 18.75 kg tub is £39.95 and it is delivered free the next working day.
And to complete your armoury in the battle against the snow how about this, a proper shovel.
Garant large snow shovel
Big loads: Garant large snow shovel
The Garant Large Canadian Snow Shovel/Pusher is 45 cm wide comes from a country where they know a thing or two about snow and afrom a long established company.
It can be used as a pusher, shifting large amounts of the white stuff out of the way, or as a shovel where it can pick up a really useful load.
It is so much more effective than the tool most of us use, a garden spade and will save you huge amounts of time as well.
It costs £19.95, is delivered free the next working day anw could prove one of the best buys you’ll make this winter.
Have a look at our site for a wider range of snow clearing equipment, even professional snow ploughs are there.

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