Prepare for freezing weather by pruning in January

Prepare for freezing weather by pruning in January
    January is not the busiest time of year for gardeners, but there is still a lot to be done when it comes to protecting plants from the harsh winter conditions that can be expected.

Indeed, this is usually the point at which it is advisable to prepare for the coldest conditions that will be experienced for some time – and many plants will need pruning in order to deal with this.

Wisteria is one example of a specific plant that will need cutting back. It needs to be pruned twice a year if it is to flower well. By cutting back the long and whippy growths that will have flourished in the past few months, the development of further flowering spurs will be encouraged.

Apple and pear trees also need to be kept trim – and here at MowDIRECT, we offer a fantastic range of tree pruners that are ideally suited to the task. This is particularly the case for anyone who has to look after larger trees, as long-handled pruners make it possible to do this from the relative comfort and security of the ground.

For instance, the STIHL HT131 Long Reach Pole Pruner boasts a 30cm chainsaw-head, which is driven by a high-powered 36.3cc engine. This means that gardeners will be able to enjoy fast acceleration at reduced noise volumes – as well as relatively low fuel consumption.

We currently stock this model at £739 – click here to have a look for yourself.

Those on a tighter budget could consider the Ryobi RPP-720 Electric Pole-Pruner, which is powered by a 720w motor and is constructed from fibre-glass. This means that it is very lightweight and comfortable to use at just 3.9kg. It is also our lowest-priced pruner at £115.

Professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson offered a useful measure for the degree of pruning a tree might require.

"My grandfather, a disciplinarian in the garden, said you should be able to throw your cap through a tree," the expert commented in an article for the Guardian, adding that this is: "A good guide but not a necessity if you prefer your trees maintained to a more romantic aesthetic."

"Remove canker and damaged branches to a healthy new limb on established apple trees and never prune too heavily in one go to avoid a flush of non-productive water shoots," Mr Pearson recommended. "Prune young trees so there is light and air among the branches with spurs reduced to three buds, leaders to six."

When the festive season is firmly in the past and all the decorations have been taken down, it is well worth thinking about how to dispose of the Christmas tree. This may be a familiar tradition for many green-fingered enthusiasts, but the importance of recycling cannot be overstated.

Why not have a look at some of the chippers and shredders on offer from MowDIRECT? Many of these machines are perfectly equipped to handle large volumes of green waste. Furthermore, they also offer long term benefits, as they can recycle the tree into valuable mulch.

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