Amazing garden bargains in our annual clearance sale

The sale season is traditionally the time to bag a bargain and we have put together a list of fantastic garden machinery at rock bottom prices.
This is the time of year we of year we need to make as much space available as possible in our warehouse ready for next spring’s exciting new range of everything mechanical in the garden.
So take advantage of prices which won’t be seen again in our great winter sale.

Einhell manual snow ploug
Save your back: Einhell manual snow ploug
First on the list is the simplest of machines you could well find will be a godsend in a few weeks time.
The Einhell MSF 570 Manual Snow Plough is a machine engineered in Germany which can save hours of hard work with a shovel when the white stuff puts in an appearance.
It works using an auger which forces the snow out to one side – the right – as you push it along.
The working width is 57 cm and is perfect for clearing paths and drives around the house and will clear away a good fall of snow with minimum effort on your part.
It is light in weight, simple to use and well built with a foldable handlebar for easy storage.
The maker’s recommended price is £99, we did have it for sale for £49.95 but now we have reduced it even further so it is only £29.95.
And that includes free next working day delivery and a one year manufacturer’s guarantee.
Now a really cracking deal on an electric chainsaw.
Sanli electric chainsaw
Great value: Sanli electric chainsaw
Everyone with a medium sized garden will need a chainsaw a few times during the year whether it’s for cutting logs or trimming back branches and this wone from Sanli packs a real punch.
Their CE2200 Electric Chainsaw has a cutter bar 45 cm long with a top quality chain and is perfect for lopping and even felling smaller trees.
The 2200 Watt motor gives a chain speed of 13.5 metres a second and the saw has been designed with a device to keep the chain at the correct tension – most chain saws need adjusting the a screwdriver and altering the cutter bar.
The chain oiling system is automatic and there is a 110 ml reservoir for the chain oil.
It is fittted with a hand guard which doubles as a chain guard.
There is 10 metres of power cable, a two year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
There are also special offers on a chainsaw helmet with visor and ear muffs, chain oil, spare chain and even a saw horse.
The maker’s recommended price is £109, we had it for sale for £89 but in our sale it is only £79.
Einhell petrol hedgetrimmer
Hedge your bets: Einhell petrol hedgetrimmer
Now, if you want a petrol hedgecutter you may well find the Einhell BG-PH 2250 Petrol Hedgecutter fits the bill.
This machine has a 22 cc engine which produces remarkably little vibration and is perfect for longer runs of hedging.
There is also a throttle lock, handy for bigger jobs, and the cutter has 65 cm double-sided blade which can deal with quite thick hedge stems without jamming.
It is easy to start and has a large fuel tank.
Buy it now and you can save £100 off the maker’s recommended price as it costs only £99.95.
A two year manufacturer’s guarantee and free next working day delivry are included in the price.
If you have a smaller lawn and need a new mower here’s one from a top manufacturer.
Mountfield lawnmower
Real bargain: Mountfield lawnmower
The Mountfield HP474 Petrol Rotary Hand Propelled Lawnmower is amazing value for money, solidly built with a steel deck with a special finish for a longer life.
The engine is Mountfield’s own 150 cc has bags of oomph with a throttle lever on the handlebar and the cutting width is 45 cm, quite adequate for a medium sized lawn.
The deck is designed to increase airflow and enhance the collection of clippings – the grass box has a capacity of 60 litres.
Large wheels make it easy to drive around paths and lawn edges and there are five cutting height options.
This mower usually costs £269, but have it for sale for £169. Plus there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
Looking forward to the spring, one of the machines which gets plenty of use is the brushcutter and here’s a really powerful one.
Sanli brushcutter
Tough tasks: Sanli brushcutter
The Sanli GTS43 Petrol Brushcutter produces a huge amount of power thanks to its 42.7 cc engine and has a mean three toothed metal blade ideal for slashing through thick undergrowth like brambles and a strimming head for trimming back lawn edges.
Bicycle style handlebars make it easy and less tiring to use and a fuel primer means it is easy to start.
There is also a harness to ease fatigue on jobs which take more time.
There are special offers on replacement strimming line and 2-stroke engine oil.
It costs £159, that’s £90 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year maker’s guarantee.
The sooner you dig over the allotment or vegetable patch the better and here’s a machine at a very special price which will save hours of back ache and hard work.
MD super compact tiller
Dig this: MD super compact tiller
The MD Super Compact Garden Tiller designed for small to medium sized plots and powerful enough to break up compacted soils and deal with clay.
There is a Briggs & Stratton engine designed to be easy to fire up and the machine is compact in design so it can be used to loosen the soil inshrubberies as well.
Transport wheel make it simple to move around.
This tiller has a recommended price of £359.95, we had it for sale for £259.95 but in our clearance sale it is just £199.95, a very keen price for such a sturdy machine.
There is a two year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
Victus lawnmower
For large lawns: Victus lawnmower
The Victus VSS53-K60 Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is another top quality machine in our sale.
This mower has a 196 cc Emak engine with a dual filter system to give a longer life and plenty of torque at low revs.
The cutting width is 51 cm with large front and rear wheels mounted on ball bearings.
There are four cutting heights from 28 to 75 mm altered by a central lever so the mower can handle smooth lawns and rougher areas.
There is also a mulching blade which means clippings are even finer and take up less room in the grass box which has a capacity of 60 litres.
Delivery is free the next working day, there is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and it costs £229, a substantial reduction on the maker’s recommended price of £339.
And now here’s a top mower which has £300 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Sanli aluminium lawn mower
Top brand: Sanli aluminium lawn mower
The Sanli LBPA56 Aluminium Deck Petrol Self Propelled Rotary Mower is strong, resistant to corrosion and designed for larger lawns.
The Briggs & Stratton engine uses the latest technology to reduce vibration and provide plenty of power and designed to be easy to start.
The cutting width is 56 cm and there are nine cutting heights from 25 mm up to 86 mm for rougher areas.
The grass box can take 70 litres. And handles fold down for easier storage.
Being made from aluminium, it is lighter and therefore easier to manoeuvre plus it has larger rear wheels with dual bearings.
Free next working day delivery and a two year manufacturer’s guarantee are included and the mower costs £379. And don’t forget that’s £300 less than the recommended price.
Here’s a ride-on at a special price if you have large lawns to maintain.
McCulloch ride-one mower
Easy rider: McCulloch ride-one mower
The McCulloch LRV 3-in-1 Ride-on Mower is designed with larger lawns in mind and yet is slim enough to fit through most garden gates.
A Briggs & Stratton 223 cc engine starts with a key and has three forward and one reverse gears.
It has a cutting width of 66 cm and has three ways of dealing with the clippings, either discharged to the side, collected in the 150 litre grass box or mulched and returned to the lawn.
Cutting heights are from 38 mm to 102 mm.
There is a high backed spring mounted seat, and large rear wheels with pneumatic tyres mean it has excellent traction and is easy to drive.
It arrives delivered free within three to five working days and has a one year manufacturer’s guarantee.
It costs £1099 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £1299.
And finally a lawn and garden tractor which is £450 off the maker’s recommended price and has £100 worth of garden tools as well.
MD Sprint lawn and garden tractor
Versatile mower: MD Sprint lawn and garden tractor
The MD Sprint Lawn & Garden Tractor will not only keep the grounds in trim but can deal with a host of other tasks as there are a number of attachments available as well.
Suitable for up to 2 acres, it has seven gears and infinite speed control to give better control in tight areas. It also has a very tight turning circle.
The step-through design makes it easy to get on and off and increases visibility. A cleverly designed cutting deck mean the machine can collect clippings even when it is wet.
This machine is currently on special offer with £450 off the manufacturer’s recommended price as it sells for £1449.
There are special offers on a range of attachments including a steel trailer, roller, leaf sweeper, spread and dethatcher.
It has a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and comes delivered free within three to five working days.
And don’t forget the £100 worth of free WOLF-Garten hand tools.
Keep an eye on our site as there will be many more bargains in the weeks to come.

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