Garden clippings can make lovely Christmas wreaths

Garden clippings can make lovely Christmas wreaths
    Many gardeners probably throw away their clippings or put them into a compost bin, but at this time of year it can be a good idea to fashion them into a Christmas wreath.

With decorations going up around homes all over the country ahead of the festive period, hanging up a traditional wreath can be a lovely way to celebrate the season.

A report by the Daily Telegraph noted how garden clippings such as foliage, ivy, twigs and berries can all be used to put together the wreath.

Lindsey Kitchin, a florist who holds wreath-making classes for those wishing to find out more about how to make the items, insists: "You can't go wrong. It's impossible not to make something absolutely gorgeous."

After using garden tools to cut down clippings from around the outside of a home, gardeners should begin by using dampened floristry foam set in a metal frame.

"First you need to green it up. Don't be shy, just remember to hold up the wreath every so often to see how it looks when hanging," Ms Kitchin said.

She added those making their own Christmas wreaths from garden clippings ought to practice trial and error and simply remove anything that does not look good.

Sprigs, twigs and berried ivy can all be added during the process to add colour to the wreath, which can be ready to be hung just a few hours after starting work on the project.

Getting the kids involved could be a great activity to get the little ones in the Christmas spirit and show them how clippings – which would usually be thrown away or recycled as they are deemed to be waste – can be used to create something beautiful.

A tool such as the MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool could be useful for tidying up the garden to collect clippings, due to the fact it is easy to use and incorporates a hedge cutter, line trimmer, brush cutter and long range pruner.

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