Five gifts with the Wow! Factor to amaze on Christmas morning

Practical gifts are always popular at this time of year and if you want to create one of those “I always wanted that” moments on Christmas morning, here are five presents to consider.
These are the gifts that make a difference and that your friends and relations everyone always wanted but never thought they’d receive.

Greenworks pressue washer
Keep it clean: Greenworks pressue washer
Many people struggle with dirty paths and cars and always wished they had a pressure washer to ease the task of removing the muck and this could prove an ideal gift.
The Greenworks 140 Bar Electric Pressure Washer is a really efficient machine which will give you a high pressure blast of water at a flow rate of up to 380 litres an hour. Plus there are twin detergent tanks, a really useful feature.
The water pressure is courtesy of a 1800 Watt induction motor and delivered via click fitting an eight metre high pressure hose which has five special nozzles including a soap nozzle and high pressure one for stubborn mud and grime.
Plus there is a 25 cm surface cleaner for getting stuck into the marks left by the summer barbecues on the patio.
The metal handle means it is easily moved around on transport wheels and there is a long power lead secured by a Velcro strap for storage.
It has a two year manufacturer’s warranty, free next working day delivery and costs £249.95 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £399.95.
So imagine you’ve got a good sized lawn and an old clunky lawn mower that you’re trying to get through another year.
McCulloch high wheel lawnmower
Versatile: McCulloch high wheel lawnmower
And then imagine that on Christmas Day Santa has unloaded from his sleigh a brand new one.
The McCulloch M53-160DW High-Wheel Power-Driven Lawn Mower with a Honda engine is a top notch machine designed to cope with medium sized lawns and the rougher edges around the edges as well.
It has four ways of dealing with the clippings, either discharging from the back or side, collecting in the 71 litre grass box or mulching and returning to the lawn.
The mower is self-propelled with the drive to the front wheels making it easier to use on uneven ground and this drive can be disengaged whenever you want.
The Honda engine is a 160 cc model delivering great fuel economy, low emissions and minimum vibration.
The cutting width is 53 cm making it faster to cut larger areas and there are five cutting heights from 25 to 82 mm and the wheels are mounted on proper ball bearings.
McCulloch is one of the country’s favourite brands and this machine comes with free next working day delivery and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
It costs £399, a full £100 off the maker’s recommended price.
MD log splitter
Fast worker: MD log splitter
Now if you see someone struggling to the Christmas lunch table gingerly stretching his back, chances are that he’s been toiling with axe axe splitting twisted wood for the Yule time fire.
So the delight at seeing a log splitter waiting near the pile of wood can only be imagined.
The MD Pro 12-Ton Quick-Split Petrol Log Splitter which has a dual speed function would be a godsend gift.
The secret to this machine is that it can get through a pile of wood much faster than a conventional splitter as the machine is designed so that that splitting wedge travels at two speeds, more quickly when not actually splitting and then slowing down when in contact with the wood.
The 12 ton splitting force is quite enough for most hard and knotted woods and the machine is made to last being made from strong steel with a rust resistant finish.
The petrol engine can be easily started is designed to use less fuel and to prduce fewer emissions.
You need both hands to operate the splitter which is a good safety feature and it is easily moved around as it has deeply patterned tyres and a tow bar with a pin hitch.
It costs £699, £400 less than the maker’s recommended retail price, there is a two year guarantee and delivery is free the next working day.
Now cast a glance outside at the greying skies and shiver, as snow is said to be on its way.
MTD snowblower
Blown away: MTD snowblower
And who wouldn’t want a machine to take the headache out of shifting the stuff when it does fall and which will amaze your neighbours at the same time.
The MTD M61 Snow Blower / Snow Thrower – 2 Stage Self-Propelled is a terrific machine suitable for anyone with longer drives and areas around the house and could make a world of difference to the owner of a small business who needs to keep parking areas and forecourts in operation.
The two stages on this machine means that revolving augers first gather snow and ice into the hood where an impellor mashes it up further before blowing it away through an adjustable chute.
The specially designed SnowThorX 179 cc engine has five forward gears and two reverse gears to cope with virtually all conditions.
The intake height of the hood is 53 cm so it can cope with falls of a foot and more and the chute direction and pitch is easily adjusted via a centrally mounted lever.
It costs £715 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £819, delivery is free the next working day and there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
And finally imagine a keen gardener with large lawns and grounds to keep in order waking up and finding a Mountfield 1430M Lawn Tractor outside the front door.
Mountfield lawn tractor
Great present: Mountfield lawn tractor
This is a top machine from one of Britain’s favourite manufacturer’s and this one has a brilliant twin blade cutting system to give an excellent finish and grass collection even when it’s wet.
The 82 cm cutting width makes it ideal for larger lawns and there are seven cutting heights from 25 cm for the formal lawns up to 80 cm for the longer stuff.
The cutting deck is electronically engaged to save time.
The 240 litre collection box makes a loud bleep when it is full, a very hand feature when mowing larger areas. The 432 cc engine is really well designed with an oil pump for better lubrication and a six speed gear box – five forward and one reverse – for better control.
The padded seat is fully adjustable and spring mounted and to help for a better grip and smoother ride the tyres and pneumatic and with deep treads.
You can also buy a deflector kit and mulch kit to give more mowing options.
This one costs £1499, and that’s £200 off the maker’s recommended price. There are also special prices available on other equipment to turn this lawn tractor into an all year machine including tipping trailer, leaf sweeper, broadcast spreader and dethatcher.
There is a two year manufacturer’s warranty and delivery is free within three to five working days.
These are just five suggested gifts to delight on Christmas morning. See our site for dozens more suggestions or give our a team a ring on 08454 588905.

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