Special low price on petrol chain saw with free starter kit accessories

Now is the season for making sure you have plenty of logs for the winter fire and if you don’t already own a chainsaw here is an exclusive special offer of a top quality saw and a range of accessories to get you started.
The Einhell BG-PC 1235 Petrol Chain Saw with Free Starter Kit is a terrific package for people who want to cut their own wood and lop or fell small trees.

Einhell petrol chain saw with starter kit
Terrific deal: Einhell petrol chain saw with starter kit
The chainsaw comes from leading German machinery manufacturers Einhell and is a great little machine with a 37.2 cc engine with a chain speed of 19 metres a second to give a smooth and efficient cut. A claw grip makes sawing logs an easier task.
The cutting bar is 35 cm long and has a sprocket nose for smoother cutting action and a centrifugal clutch prevents stalling.
Automatic chain lubrication also gives a smoother action and contributes to a longer life.
There is a front hand guard which doubles as a chain brake to stop the chain should the saw kick back. There is also a safety switch on the handle.
The accessories which come with this machine include a safety helmet with visor and ear protectors, heavy duty working gloves, fuel mixing bottle, spare chain and a carrying bag.
Together these are worth £100! Plus there are special offers on chain oil, 2-stroke engine oil, a basic metal saw horse and a special saw horse with a chain saw attachment.
As well as all these special offers there is a two year extended manufacturer’s warranty.
Now the best bit. As an exclusive special offer the chain saw and all the extras is just £139.95, and that’s £120 off the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.
We think this is one of the best special offers on chainsaws we have ever been able to offer.

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