Prepare for the first wave of winter in November

Prepare for the first wave of winter in November
    The nights are drawing in and winter is very much around the corner – but this does not mean that gardeners are free to rest on their laurels in November.

Indeed, with leaves still falling rapidly, there is more clearing up to do than ever before. It is essential to ensure these are all tidied up – and this is especially the case when it comes to lawns, ponds and beds.

Failing to do so can limit the access to light that plants and grass can enjoy – to say nothing of the mould and slugs that it can encourage.

Here at MowDIRECT, we offer a wide range of tools that will ensure sorting this out is not a problem. Indeed, we boast the widest selection of garden vacuums, leaf sweepers and blowers available in the UK! Not only do we sell over 100 different products from all the leading brands – Echo, Flymo, MTD, Ryobi and Stihl, we also stock several specialist makes.

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Pruning is also a highly important November task – and particular attention should be given to plants like roses, as this action can prevent damage caused by winds. November is a good time to think about growing hedges, so it is well worth remembering that many plants need this kind of care.

We offer the MD 4-in-1 Multi Tool, which is ideally suited for all your trimming and pruning needs. It is a practical tool that offers exceptional value for money – and could be seen as the ideal all-round hand-held neatening solution for your garden. While the recommended retail price is £299.95, here at MowDIRECT, it is available for just £179.95.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, professional gardener Helen Yemm underlined the importance of cutting back ivy and any other climbers from gutters, so as to protect pipes and walls from any damage, as well as reducing the risk of disease in the plat.

Green-fingered enthusiasts with larger wall climbers may wish to browse our range of tree pruners. These make it possible to take care of these plants from the relative comfort and security of the ground.

When it comes to preparing the garden for the winter, it is best to plan for the worst in order to minimise any potential damage to plants.

"If the weather is still mild and you like to get the garden tidy before winter, mulch any bare soil with an eiderdown of compost or well-rotted manure," commented professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson.

Speaking to the Guardian, he explained that this course of action "will protect [the soil] from the elements over the coming months".

"Order in compost if you haven't already," the expert continued, adding: "Mulching in areas where there are bulbs means you will be ahead of the game in a mild spell."

Why not have a look at the chippers and shredders we have in stock?

They recycle garden waste – which also makes them useful for leaf disposal – and turn it into mulch, making it a highly efficient process.

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