Powerful debris loader the machine you need for cleaning up visitor attractions and parks

Businesses with large areas of land or estates and who need to keep on top of maintaining parks and leisure areas will find the Billy Goat DL1801V Leaf & Debris Truck Loader a real godsend.

Billy Goat leaf and debris loader
True power: Billy Goat leaf and debris loader

This is a really powerful machine built with the professional in mind which can vacuum up all manner of debris like tin cans, bottles, paper plates and plastic cutlery and shred them.
The rubbish is then blown into a truck saving hours of cleaning time.
The debris loader shredder has has a Briggs & Stratton 570 cc engine and can suck up a huge amount debris and rubbish and then shred it through a really tough blade and armour plated shredding blade with six blades and shredders.
It has been designed to be very easy to use as the 25 cm intake hose has handles which make it easy to control and direct.
The hose is transparent so any blockages can be easily spotted and the chute rotates through 360 degrees and can be adjusted with a hand crank.
If the hose becomes detached while in use and safety switch kills the engine.
Equipment which comes with this machine lets you hang it from the tailgate of a truck or other suitable vehicle.
This machine costs £3750 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £4150. There are also other models in the range.
Delivery is free on the UK mainland.

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