Exclusive towed log splitter with a two speed action

Demand for logs for the fire is peaking at the moment after the bitter weekend and a new and exclusive machine can save hours of time when it comes to splitting logs.

MD 12 ton log splitter
Time saver: MD 12 ton log splitter
The MD Pro 12 Ton Horizontal Tow-Behind Petrol Log Splitter is designed with a two-speed cutting action so that the wedge travels towards at the wood at a faster speed than when it actually splits.
This means the machine works far more efficiently and gives a ten second cycle.
Very strongly built it is made from welded steel with a rust resistant finish to give a longer life.
The 136 cc engine is simple to start and the splitter can handle wood up to 47 cm long and with a diameter of 30 cm. And it can happily deal with knotted and twisted logs as well.
Both hands are needed to operate the machine, a useful safety feature. The tyres are pre-filled with sealant should you be unlucky enough to get a puncture.
This log splitter can be towed by any garden tractor or all terrain vehicle.
The manufacturer’s recommended price for this splitter is £1099 but we have it for sale for just £749.
It has a two year manufacturer’s warranty and free next day delivery.

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