Lawnmower bargains for autumn offer great value for money

Autumn is now setting in with a vengeance but the lawn is still growing and needs trimming with the cutter set to a high level.
This will keep it looking neat and tidy and can remove the odd fluttering leaf – not all of them, you’ll need a special machine for that.
But now, believe it or not, is a really good time to buy a mower as there are some excellent bargains available.
So here are our ten top buys for the season where you could save yourselves money and be ready for the first growth of next year.
Our first is a really great exclusive bargain from one of the country’s favourite brans and at an unbelievable price.

Mountfield hand propelled mower
Top brand: Mountfield hand propelled mower

The Mountfield HP474 Petrol Rotary Hand Propelled Lawnmower is perfect for the smaller lawn but is really strongly built as you would expect from this company.
The engine is 140cc designed to be quiet, clean and use little fuel. The deck is sturdy and steel with a Hammerite coating for a long life.
The deck has been designed to assist airflow for better grass collection.
The throttle is mounted on the handlebars and the cutting width is 18 in. As a push model it is very easy to move around path edges and flower beds with larger rear wheels.
There are five cutting heights from 20 mm to 70 mm all made by a single lever.
Best bit is the price as it is onn special offer for just £159, the manufacturer’s recommended retail price is £269!
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year maker’s warranty.

Victus self-propelled mower
Special offer : Victus self-propelled mower

Our second machine is the Victus VSS53-K60 Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, another on special offer this autumn.
Power comes from a 196 cc Emak engine which has a dual fuel filter system for a longer life and delivers high torque at low revs.
Cutting width is 21 in and the cutting height can be adjusted by a single lever from 28 to 75 mm.
This machine is equally at home cutting longer grass as well as smooth lawns with large ball bearing mounted wheels and it has a grass box which can take 60 litres.
Also there is a mulching blade as standard which chops and shreds the clippings even more finely.
This machine has a manufacturer’s recommended price of £399 but we have it for sale for just £229.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year maker’s warranty.

Greenworks cordless mower
Battery power: Greenworks cordless mower

This next one is another exclusive mower with the latest battery technology for quiet running and excellent power.
The Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower relies on the latest lithium-ion battery technology and is suitable for cutting lawns up to the size of a tennis court – about 500 sq metres.
The mower will run continuously for up to 40 minutes and the latest battery technology means that the charge is not lost when the machine is not in use and it has a charge level indicator.
It is very light to use and has a rear deflector if the grass box is not used.
There are seven cutting heights and a 50 litre grass box.
This mower costs £259 compared with the maker’s recommended price of £399 and there is a three year manufacturer’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
The machine comes with a battery charger and battery but extra batteries and chargers can be purchased.
Other Greenworks garden machines can be purchased at the same time at special prices.

Oleo-Mac mower
Italian style :Oleo-Mac mower

Another mower exclusive to us at Mowdirect and on special offer for autumn is the Oleo-Mac G53-TK 3-in-1 Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.
This company is Italy’s leading garden machinery manufacturer with a reputation throughout Europe for top quality and this machine has a 159 Emak engine which is easy to start.
This one has power to the rear wheels for less stress and a 51 cm cutting width and is suitable for larger lawns – say up to 2000 sq metres.
Cutting heights vary from 28 to 75 mm adjusted by a single lever and it has a powder coated scratch resistant mower deck.
Currently you can save £200 on the manufacturer’s recommended retail price as it is on special offer at £259.
And it comes with a free mulch kit worth £45 should you want to recycle the cutting directly back on to the lawn.
Delivery is free the next working and there is a three year maker’s warranty.

Einhell 4 in 1 mower
German engineering: Einhell 4 in 1 mower

Now here’s one from a leading German engineering company with a reputation for well engineered reliable machines.
The Einhell BG-PM 46SHW 4-in-1 High-wheel Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower has cutting width of 46 cm and has four options for collecting the clippings, either to the grass box at the rear, directly back to the lawn, to the side or mulched and returned to the lawn as a mulch.
With all these options is can also deal with longer or wet grass.
It has six cutting heights all adjusted by a single lever and large wheels make it easy to manoeuvre.
The cutting deck is powder coated for a longer life and there is also a lawn comb to the front to the smooth the grass before it is trimmed and give a better finish.
There is also a grass box indicator so you can see when it’s time to empty.
As a special offer at the moment there is a free ten litre jerry can worth £24.95.
A two year maker’s guarantee and free next working day delivery and a sale price of £249.95 make this an excellent buy.

Sanli rear roller mower
Striped finish: Sanli rear roller mower

If you want that traditional striped finish to your lawn then you need a mower with a rear roller and the Sanli LSPR42 Power-Driven Rear-Roller Rotary Lawn Mower fits the bill.
This has a 135 cc Sanli engine, easy to start and quiet when running.
The power to the rear wheels make it suitable to deal with longer grass as well and it will also deal more easily with slopes in the lawn. Cutting heights are from 21 to 77 mm. all via a single lever.
The grass box has a capacity of 60 litres and it has a cutting width of 43 cm.
The cost is £279, £120 less than the recommended retail price and as an added incentive there is a free 10 litre steel jerry can.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year maker’s warranty.

Mountfield self propelled mower
Top deal: Mountfield self propelled mower

This next one is another from Mountfield and another exclusive as we are that company’s official on-line partner.
The Mountfield SP536 Self-propelled Petrol Lawn Mower is £150 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price and is remarkable value for money.
It has a really wide cutting width of 51 cm making it suitable for medium to large sized lawns with its 160 cc easy-to-start engine and 60 litre grass box.
Cutting heights are from 25 to 75 mm and larger wheels make it easier to navigate around the lawns and paths.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
It costs £299, compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £449.

Sanli rotary lawn mowe
Light in weight: Sanli rotary lawn mowe

Now another from Sanli and this one has over £300 off the recommended price.
The Sanli LBPA56 Aluminium Deck Petrol Self Propelled Rotary Mower has great strength and durability and being made from aluminium is resistant to corrosion.
Made with the larger lawn in mind, it has a Briggs & Stratton engine designed to be easier to start and to produce excellent torque in low revs.
It has a cutting width of 56 cm, nine cutting height options and a grass box which can hold 70 litres.
The wheels have dual bearings to prolong the mower’s life and the handles fold up for easier storage.
It costs £349 in our Mower Sale, delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year maker’s guarantee.

Efco lawn mower
Variable speed: Efco lawn mower

Another on special promotion is the Efco LR55-VBX 4-in-1 Hi-Wheel Petrol Lawn Mower with Variable Speed Drive, a high spec machine with higher mounted wheels.
The variable speed control means you can mow at the speed which suits you and the conditions and length of grass you are dealing with.
Clippings are dealt with either by discharge to the side or rear or by mulching or discharge to the grass box, and there is a grass box full indicator.
The 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine offers high torque at low speed and the wide cut of 53 cm make it suitable for larger lawns.
There is a single lever height adjustment from 52 to 82 mm through six options
The mower costs £399 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended retail price of £550. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a three year maker’s warranty.
And finally there is the Lawnflite SPBE-53HW Variable Speed High-Wheel Lawn Mower with Electric Start.

Lawnflite lawn mower
Electric start: Lawnflite lawn mower

This mower has the advantage that there is no tugging on a cord to start it as there is a starter motor.
Extra large wheel mean it is easy to manoeuvre on bumpy ground and it has a 190 cm Briggs & Stratton engine giving better fuel economy and fewer emissions.
It has a heavy steel chassis to give longer use and cutting heights of 20 to 90 mm making it suitable for rougher areas.
The cutting width is 53 cm and there is a really large 80 litre grass box.
Currently this mower has £250 off the maker’s recommended retail price as it is for sale for £429.
There is a two year maker’s guarantee and free next working day delivery.
Now is an excellent time to buy a new mower as many are on special offer and there is every chance that the prices will increase next year, and remember you can always call our team of boys and girls on 08454 588905 if you want advice before you buy.

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