Top leaf blower vac on exclusive special offer

The recent rains and high wind have sent the leaves tumbling from most trees and you need to clear them away regularly.
Leave them until every last one is on the ground and you’ll find a matted clump which is difficult to clear.
A powerful leaf blower can make this task so much easier and at the moment the Oleo Mac BV270 Pro Leaf Blower is on special offer and comes with a free vac kit to make the job even less demanding.

Oleo-Mac leaf blower/vac
Professional performance: Oleo-Mac leaf blower/vac
This machine is manufactured by a leading Italian company to the standards and performance demanded by professional gardeners.
It has a 2-stroke 30.5 cc engine producing a massive blast of air and yet is much quieter than many of its rivals.
Once you have blown them into a pile there is a vac function which will suck the leaves through strong steel blades to shred them ready to go straight on to the compost heap or to be used as a mulch around the base of perennial plants.
The collection bag can hold 36 litres so more time leaf clearing and less emptying the rubbish.
This machine is exclusive to Mowdirect and costs £199.95. The maker’s recommended retail price is £299.95.
And the vacuum kit which is often sold as an extra is absolutely free.

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