Sturdy swivel trailer makes it easier manoeuvring around the garden

There’s lot to be done in the garden at the moment, leaves to be cleared, shrubs to be tidied and hedges and beds to be kept tidy and the wood to be carted.
Your trusty ride-on or lawn tractor will certainly come into its own but you will certainly need a trailer.
Many people are OK driving it but all at sea wheh it comes to reversing and that’s where the

Ohio swivel trailer
Easier to drive: Ohio swivel trailer
Ohio Steel 4048P-HYB Professional Heavy-Duty Swivel Dump Cart comes into its own.
This a really serious trailer made to last but has the great advantage that it swivels sideways so that there is no necessity to back up to the compost heap or wood pile.
It will swivel through 100 degrees just by pushing down on a foot pedal and as an added advantage the cart will tip up 60 degrees.
The base of the cart is made from corrosion proof material so it will not corrode if well-rotted farmyard manure is carted around.
It can take loads of up to 568 kg and has a capacity of 12.5 cu ft. Mounted on a solid steel axle it has 16 in pneumatic tyres.
It can be towed by most lawn tractors as well as quad bikes and ATVs as it has a multi hitch system so the pin hitch can be converted to a ball hitch.
It has a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and delivery is free the next working day.
It costs £449 and that’s £150 less than the manufacturer’s recommended retail price.

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