Hedgetrimmers ‘are essential in autumn’

Garden writer Jean Vernon has emphasised the fact that there is plenty of work for gardeners to be getting on with in the colder autumn months.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph, she explained that now is an excellent opportunity for Brits to keep their hedges trim.

"To tidy up light, end-of-season growth you need a hedgetrimmer," she remarked, adding: "If you are cutting into older wood, then look for a powerful model with wider-spaced teeth."

She said that electric hedgetrimmers are the perfect option for anyone who has convenient access to a power source, suggesting turning to a battery-powered or petrol product if this is not the case.

The expert even recommended some of her personal favourite tools for this task – singling out the Flymo EasiCut cordless 420 as being a good example of a new crop of the machines that has entered the market relatively recently.

While this model offers the benefit of mains electric trimmers, it produces no emissions or fumes and requires no maintenance.

As well as being a clean and quieter option, it boasts all the cable-free advantages of petrol tools and can be taken anywhere – and is available for just £69.95 at MowDIRECT!

Ms Vernon added that it will also be necessary for green-fingered enthusiasts to stay on top of leaf clearance.

"Apart from dangerous and slippery leaves on paths and carpets of leaves on the lawn that can starve the grass of light and encourage disease, most leaves will break down naturally," she commented.

Indeed, the expert added that it is quite nice to see the autumnal hues of fallen leaves covering the ground – adding that shuffling through them is one of the joys of the season.

However, if leaves need to be cleared, Ms Vernon noted that the Honda HHB 25E blower is a quiet, clean and convenient product.

Click here to see our deal on the model – on sale at £279.95, which is a considerable reduction on the RRP of £315.

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