Simple yet effective – lawn sweepers can save on time and effort

The beautiful russet colour of autumn are starting to appear in hedgerows and trees and while we can all stand back and admire the soft beauty the season brings, we know that once the leaf fall starts in earnest, the hard work will begin.
Going over even a small sized lawn with a tined rake is back breaking stuff and that’s where the MD Sweep 26 Lawn & Leaf Sweeper comes into its own.

MD Sweep 26
Sweeping up: MD Sweep 26
It is a simple yet highly effective machine with ten inch brushes sweeping leaves straight into a collector at the back as you push the machine along.
And it is remarkably easy to use as well with little effort required as you walk up and down the lawn or path or drive.
You can adjust the working height of the machine depending on the surface being brushed clear and the thickness of the leaves.
It is also suitable for sweeping up the inside of barns, tennis courts, swimming pool edges, virtually anywhere.
And when the 200 litre container is full it is simply unclipped and lifted straight through the handles and on to the compost heap.
This machine is virtually silent in use with no motor and is easily stored as the handles fold up to take less space in the shed or garage.
The working width is 26 in so it can quickly clear quite large areas – even the floors of warehouses.
It costs just £89.95 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £149.95.
There is a two year maker’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
Remember that lawns still need trimming with the cutting height raised – the grass will keep slowly growing for a few more weeks yet!

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