Plan now for winter and avoid being snowed in

The gales and rain are a certain indicator that autumn is truly upon us with September storms causing chaos in some areas and leaves fluttering everywhere.
But we all know there is worse to follow with frosts and more likely snow on the way so now is the time to act.
Snow need not be the problem it once was thanks to modern machines to clear it away, whether from domestic properties or commercial.
All our prices include free delivery – even to the north of Scotland – and we aim to make sure that deliveries are made the next working day on virtually all our products.
There are two basic types of snow blowers – single stage ones crunch up snow and ice and blow them clear from paths or drives in one motion cleaning back to the original surface, known as back to black.
Dual stage blowers first use revolving blades to gather to snow into the body of the machine and then powerful impellors take over and blow it away through a chute.

Stiga single stage snow blower
Domestic use: Stiga single stage snow blower
Mowdirect has a terrific selection of all these machines, with a good value of a simple single stage one being the Alpina Single-Stage Electric Snow Blower perfect for domestic properties with a revolving rubber-bladed auger which which throws snow and ice clear through a chute which can turn through 180 degrees.
As the augers turn they pull the machine along so it propels itself.
Working width is 45 cm making it easy to navigate and perfect for even smaller paths.
As a special offer, and while stocks last this machine is available at £149, a saving of £50 on the manufacturer’s recommended price.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a one year maker’s guarantee.
Stiga dual stage snow blower
Hard worker: Stiga dual stage snow blower
The Stiga Snow Patrol Dual-Stage Snow Blower is one to consider for larger domestic properties and smaller commercial or local authority use.
It has a 55 cm working width and can cope with falls of 50 cc.
It has a 182 cc petrol engine to power four forward and two reverse gears making it more manoeuvrable.
It is easy to steer as the drive to each wheel is controlled separately.
The steel auger can break up even compacted snow and ice and the impellor churns it up further before throwing it through a chute up to ten metres.
A deflector changes the height and angle of the snow as it is thrown.
Skid shoes fitted at the front help the machine move along and the machine can be used on gravel paths as well as smooth surfaces.
Twelve in. wheels are fitted with all-weather tyres with deep treads.
The manufacturer’s price is £679 but we have it for sale for just £599, delivery is free the next working day and there is a one year manufacturer’s guarantee.
And the final one is a real heavy duty machine suitable for commercial premises and local authorities which need to keep open through the winter.
MD SnowCAT snow blower
For major tasks: MD SnowCAT snow blower
The MD SnowCAT 2-stage Snow Blower with Caterpillar Tracks is made for long drives, private roads, car parks and forecourts and is powered by a 270 cc engine with an electric start.
Caterpillar tracks give excellent manoeuvrability in even the roughest conditions and serrated augers can deal with snow and ice up to 21 in deep.
With a working width of 28 in it is designed to cope with really tough tasks.
It also has a headlight so you can work through the night and early mornings.
There is an amazing £700 off the manufacturer’s price at the moment – the machine costs £1199.
There is a one year maker’s guarantee and free next working day delivery.
Remember that if you need a snow blower urgently we have to be able to deliver it to you, so please plan ahead and order in plenty of time to avoid the ultimate irony of delivery lorries getting stuck!

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