Ten top leaf clearing machines for cleaning up the autumn fall

Fluttering leaves are one of the sights of autumn and are a favourite subject of photographs.
They are also an annual problem in the garden as they need to be swept away fairly quickly as they can form a thick carpet on lawns and flower beds proving impenetrable to light and moisture. They can also make paths slippery and dangerous.
So here are ten top leaf blowers designed which will make the job much easier even when it comes to those difficult corners and under the basses of hedges.

Greenworks 24 V leaf blower
Green power: Greenworks 24 V leaf blower

The first is a brilliant little machine, the Greenworks 24v Cordless Two-Speed Leaf Blower, really light and with impressive power.
Using rechargeable lithium-ion batters, this machine will run continuously for 25 minutes.
And additionally they are virtually silent when running and have no smelly petrol fumes.
It delivers a stream of air up to 130 mph, enough to shift not only leaves but twigs and other debris easily.
The handles are padded to reduce vibration and the machine has been designed to be perfectly balanced and easy to use.
It comes with battery and charger and spare batteries are also available.
It has a three year guarantee, free next working day and costs £99.95.

Warrior shredder vac
Neat machine: Warrior shredder vac

Now here’s a machine which can blow leaves into a file, vacuum them and shred them into a collection bag.
The Warrior EB260V Petrol Shredder-Vac & Leaf Blower has a powerful petrol engine which has a flywheel magneto ignition system for easy starting and has a carburettor designed to keep the engine running no matter at which angle the machine is held.
It has 60 metres per second air stream to move the leaves and a vacuum attachment to suck up the leaves and debris like twigs and pine cones and shred them through metal blades in to collection bag.
This is easily emptied straight on to the compost pile.
The manufacturer’s recommended price is £179.95 but we have it for sale at £80 less for just £99.95.
There is a one year manufacturer’s guarantee and delivery is free the next working day.

Einhell BG-PB leaf blower
German engineering: Einhell BG-PB leaf blower

Einhell is a German engineering company which makes great value for money garden machinery and the Einhell BG-PB33 Petrol Backpack Leaf Blower has very good features at a very keen price.
It is is light, easy to use and very efficient blasting 720 of air at 250 km an hour and all controlled by fingertip controls on the joystick.
A flexible attachment means you can blow out leaves and debris from difficult to reach places all with great accuracy.
The engine is 33 cm full crank designed for a longer life.
This model is currently on special offer at just £129.95, we did have it for sale for £149.95 and that was £50 less than the recommended price.
There is a two year manufacturer’s guarantee and delivery is free the next working day.

Einhell BG-PL blower vac
Real power: Einhell BG-PL blower vac

Now another from Einhell with free extras included in the price.
The Einhell BG-PL 26/1 Petrol Garden Vacuum / Leaf Blower is the best in its class and lets you switch from blowing to shredding and vacuuming at the flick of a switch.
It has a built in shredding fan which will shred leaves down to a tenth their original size before blowing them into the 55 litre collection bag.
There is also a separator which takes out materials which would otherwise damage the shredder.
It has a carrying strap and a front handle both of which reduce fatigue.
Currently it has a free wheel kit to enable to machine to be used on solid surfaces like paths and drives. Normally this costs £12.95.
It also comes with a free fuel mixing bottle and free oil.
The manufacturer’s recommended price is £219.95 but we have it for sale for just £139.95.
Plus there is a two year maker’s warranty and free next working day delivery.
Mitox is another firm which makes excellent garden machinery and their Mitox BV-280 Handheld Petrol Blower-Vac

Mitox petrol leaf blower
Worth considering: Mitox petrol leaf blower

is another you should certainly consider.
It has a 25.4 cc engine and can create an air speed of 55 metres and second.
And in collection mode it will suck and shred leaves and debris to a tenth their original volume.
It weighs just 5.5 kg and is very easy to use with a central handle and throttle trigger.
Cost: £159.
The MTD 4SC Leaf Blower with Low Noise 4-Stroke Engine

MTD leaf blower
Quiet worker: MTD leaf blower

is a professional machine with a really strong blowing capacity with a powerful 25 cc engine burning 30 per cent less fuel than a 2-stroke model.
It is also quieter when working so it is suitable for built-up areas and emits fewer emissions. There is also lower vibration meaning ti can be used for longer periods.
The blowing performance shows a speed of 150 mph, stronger than virtually all other leaf blowers currently available, and making it super efficient. Plus it weighs just 5.7 kg.
It also fast and easy to start – the maker’s say it can be started with one finger.
It costs £179 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £269.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Now here’s another cordless model from Greenworks.

Greenworks 40v variable speed leaf blower
Green power: Greenworks 40v variable speed leaf blower

The Greenworks 40v Cordless Variable Speed Leaf Blower is a truly powerful machine with a powerful state of the art battery to give terrific power and will run for 70 minutes continuously, 40 per cent longer than traditional batteries.
It is very light in weight and simple to use and with zero emissions much cleaner.
This one has a variable speed motor and can deliver a 150 mph blast of air and has an adjustable nozzle for pin point work. It is designed to be comfortable to use with a cushioned handle.
It costs £179 including the battery and charger and additional batteries and chargers can be bought.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a three year maker’s guarantee.
You can also buy a chainsaw, hedge trimmer and strimmer at special prices when you buy this leaf blower.
Here is a machine used by both professionals and gardeners alike.

Tanaka hand held blower
Hard worker: Tanaka hand held blower

The Tanaka THB-260PF Commercial-Grade Handheld Petrol Blower-Vac is strong and powerful and is one of the best machines of its kind available.
It has a 25 cc PureFire engine and electronic ignition and fuel primer for easy starting and has a heavy duty steel connecting rod to ensure a long life.
The machine is fitted with a high volume fan and a free vacuum attachement turns it into a powerful shredder-vac ideal for intensive autumn use.
It is very light weight, is designed for two handed and can be used over longer periods.
There is a five year domestic guarantee, two years for commercial use, and free next working day delivery.
Currently on sale for £228 it has a saving on the maker’s recommended price of of £140.

Sanli Backpack blower
Sanli Backpack blower

The Sanli BSB60 Backpack Leaf Blower is a powerful machine which will shift all sorts of debris from larger domestic and commercial areas into a convenient pile for easy collection.
The engine is 56.5 cc two stroke and blows air at 120 metres a second, much more powerful than most electrically and petrol models.
It has a joystick handle making it easy to direct the gale of wind to target the areas which need clearing.
This one has a back pack harness with padded shoulder straps to make it comfortable to use over longer periods. And it weighs 9kg.
It costs £229, £60 less than the recommended retail price. Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two years maker’s guarantee.
And the final machine in our list if ten top machines is from another manufacturer with a top reputation for strong reliable machines.

Stihl blower vac
Powerful: Stihl blower vac

The STIHL SH56-CE Vacuum Shredder is designed to collect leaves, hedge cuttings and all manner of garden debris and them shred it to a tenth its original volume ready for the compost heap or even mulching over wintering plants.
The 27.2 cc engine is very fuel efficient and designed to start with a gentle pull.
It has a shoulder strap and weighs only 5.3 kg making it suitable for long periods of use.
A blower conversion kit is available as well as a dust reducing vac bag. And a really handy gadget is a 3 metre gutter cleaning kit.
This machine costs £269 compared with the manufacturer’s recommended price of £290 and there is a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
Delivery is free within two to three working days.
Evening temperatures have been tumbling under clear skies leading to the odd ground frost, so the leaves are in their final days.
The tined rake still has its place but sweeping and clearing leaves is much easier than it used to be thanks to the modern equipment available.

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