Plants ‘can brush up well after shearing’

Writing in an article for the Guardian, professional gardener and writer Alys Fowler underlined the importance of making sure that plants such as lavender, hebe, rambling rose and wisteria are properly looked after in the late summer.

She explained that this kind of plant really gets growing very fast indeed – especially when they are taken out of a plot and placed outdoors in the ground.

Indeed, the expert quipped that the pretty, small and compact flowers that may have been purchased from a garden centre are not likely to stay that way for very long, regardless of how close it is kept to neighbours!

Ms Fowler claimed that hebes and lavenders in particular are a good example of plants that really stand to benefit from some judicious use of pruners.

Once the flowering has finished, she advised careful trimming of spent flowers – as well as sections of the growth itself wherever this is deemed necessary.

Indeed, some of these could really benefit from the use of shears – and here at MowDIRECT, we offer a considerable selection of small electric hedgetrimmer models that could be perfectly suited to these requirements.

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It is ideal for keeping shrubs, patio boxes and smaller hedges in trim – and the task will be made almost effortless.

However, Ms Fowler said it pays off not to be too excessive, as parts of the plant are best left as they are.

"The existing growth protects new growth buds over the winter, so is best left on – in spring you can chop with more zeal, removing frost-damaged shoots and creating a defined shape," the expert commented.

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