Late summer gardens demonstrated at RHS Garden Wisley

Late summer gardens demonstrated at RHS Garden Wisley
    The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) will be hosting its annual run of the Wisley Flower Show between September 5th and 9th at Garden Wisley in Surrey this year.

This is an event that has enjoyed repeated success in the past, which means this year's run promises to be the biggest ever.

Indeed, it is being extended to a fifth day, which – combined with the fact that there are now more exhibitors than ever before – means it will be an absolute must for plant lovers all over the country.

As the show has firmly established itself as a visitor favourite, it has also become increasingly important on the gardening calendar as attendance has been growing annually.

A total of 32,000 attendees made an appearance last year – when the event had been extended from its previous three days to four- and it takes full advantage of the fact that it comes after the larger summer shows.

Indeed, late summer can be one of the most colourful times of year – and professional garden and landscape designer Dan Pearson acknowledged this in a recent article for the Guardian.

Curator of the RHS Garden Wisley Colin Crosbie said the show offers guests "the chance to pick up a range of plants that you just don't see at any of the bigger, midsummer shows", adding that this is particularly appropriate "at a time when gardeners should be gearing up for their autumn planting".

"The Wisley Flower Show is a very special event which is incredibly popular with visitors," he continued, adding: "It's not only the fantastic setting and relaxed, informal layout of the show that people love."

Traditional English herbaceous plantings will be on display in the impressive Mixed Borders – and green-fingered enthusiasts can recreate this at home if they spot any ideas they are keen to adapt.

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