Online videos could help new gardeners perfect their technique

Online videos could help new gardeners perfect their technique
    It can be hard for new gardeners to know where to start when they pick up their garden tools and attempt to set to work for the first time.

Books are definitely helpful, but sometimes it can be better to have someone demonstrating new techniques live, as it can make them easier to grasp and pick up.

According to Georgie Willock from the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners, this is where online videos come in.

"They can provide step-by-step guides and help to demystify the language of gardening by showing what is meant by terms like 'double digging' and 'chitting'," she told the Daily Telegraph.

Sean James Cameron from the Horticultural Channel agreed, but suggested that their live nature could also be helping newbies by demonstrating that even seasoned gardeners get things wrong every so often.

However, anyone following online videos in a bid to learn more about being green-fingered should not get so caught up in them that they forget to have fun.

Broadcaster and professional gardener recently said this – and some relaxation too – is what gardening should be all about.

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