Ten top garden machinery bargains to save you money

We’ve brought you some great deals on all types of gardening machinery recently with some excellent prices you won’t get anywhere else.
So here’s your last chance to take advantage of these very special offers as stocks are running low on some items and manufacturers are putting up their prices on others.

Einhell petrol brush cutter
The long grass: Einhell petrol brush cutter
First up is the Einhell BG-BC Petrol Brushcutter which is on special offer and comes with several free offers.
Brushcutters have been an essential part of the gardener’s armour this wet summer with longer scrubby areas loving the conditions and this strong 25 cc powered machine is perfect for tidying up these areas.
The engine is designed for easy starting and it comes with a shoulder harness and has bike style handlebars for easier use.
It has a 23 cm metal blade for the rougher bits as well as the normal nylon strimming line which can be automatically fed.
It is for sale for £129.95 and that’s a reduction on our previous price of £20 but it also comes with a free face guard, free protective gloves and a free fuel mixing bottle.
Plus you can but 130 metres of replacement strimming line for £19.99. Delivery is free.
Mountfield brush cutter
Top brush cutter: Mountfield brush cutter
Next is another strimmer at an amazing £150 off the manufacturer’s recommended price.
The Mountfield MB2502 Petrol Brush Cutter is a really powerful machine with a 25.6 cc engine giving high torque, easy to start, mean on fuel yet still comfortable to use.
It has a bump feed strimming head and a metal blade for harder tasks.
Mowdirect is Mountfield’s official on-line partner and this means we can offer you these unbeatable prices.
This is an end-of-line offer, so once stocks are gone there’s no more.
Also there are special prices on replacement line and on a safety helmet with visor and ear muffs for just £19.95.
It has a five year domestic warranty, two years for commercial use, and has free next working day delivery.
Best bit is the price – the manufacturer’s recommended retail price is £349 but you can but it from us for just £199.
Mountfield hedgetrimmer
Hedge your bets: Mountfield hedgetrimmer
Next is another product from Mountfield, their MHJ2424 Double-Bladed Petrol Hedgetrimmer with a 61cm blade.
It has dual reciprocating blades with 28 mm spacing, and has been designed to cut through thicker, older stems. The extra length of the blades makes this machine particularly suitable for these older hedges.
The motor is a powerful 24.5 cc, easy to start, and the machine is well balanced and well designed making it less tiring to use, with a three position twist grip handle.
And it weighs only 5.4 kg.
This hedgetrimmer is on a special limited offer as there is a price increase anticipated for the autumn.
It costs £139, £80 off the maker’s recommended price and comes with free delivery.
Lawnflite petrol hedge trimmer
Real bargain: Lawnflite petrol hedge trimmer
Now a heavy duty hedgetrimmer on a limited special offer. The
Lawnflite E2221W Professional Petrol Hedgetrimmer has a very reliable Japanese Robin 25 cc engine and yet is very light to handle and gives excellent results.
It has dual reciprocating blades made to stay sharper for longer and designed to tackle thicker, heavier hedges.
The controls are well laid out to make it comfortable to use for long periods and it especially useful when it comes to shaping hedges.
The price is just £219, a saving on the manufacturer’s price of £160, but this is a limited offer on the last few remaining on our shelves.
Now for a petrol mower which has proved popular this summer,
The Tuffcut T4204S Self-Propelled 4-Wheeled Petrol Rotary Lawn Mower
Tuffcut lawnmower
Tuff nut: Tuffcut lawnmower
is a solidly built mower with a 148 cc Briggs & Stratton engine which is quiet in running and is designed to use little fuel.
It has a strong steel cutter deck built for a long life and to resist corrosion and a 41 cm wide cut and is easy to drive around flower bed edges and trees. The finish is powder coated to further enhance longevity.
There are five cutting heights from 25 to 75 cm and a 60 litre grass box.
This mower has a three year manufacturer’s guaranteed is delivered free the next working day.
It costs £229, over £100 off the maker’s recommended price.
And what’s more there is a free five litre steel jerry can.
And now another mower, a one-off special from the manufacturer.
The Victus VSS53-K60 Petrol Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
Victus lawn mower
Victorious machine: Victus lawn mower
is a great value for money machine with a high performance 196 cc engine. This has a dual filter system to enhance reliability and the engine is designed to give high torque at low revs.
This mower can tackle the rougher areas as well as smooth lawns – the height can be adjusted from 28 to 75 mm and the large sized wheels make it easy to control.
The grass box can take 60 litres and there is a mulching blade to chop the cut grass finely so there are less stops to empty the box.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
This is a one off special from the makers hence the price, just £249 compared with the recommended price of £399.
Sanli lawnmower
Great machine: Sanli lawnmower
Now another mower, an end of line special which is an amazing £300 off the maker’s recommended price.
The Sanli LBPA56 Aluminium Deck Petrol Self Propelled Rotary Mower has an aluminium deck which makes it very light and yet there is loads of power from the Briggs & Stratton designed to be easy to start.
It has a 56 cm cutting width and is ideal for the larger lawn with nine cutting height options from 25 mm to 86 mm.
The grass box has an extra large 70 litre capacity and the handles fold down for easier transport and storage.
These mowers have a two year domestic guarantee and free next working day delivery.
But most amazing is the price. The manufactuer’s recommended price is £679 but we have the last few on offer for £379.
MD micro tiller
Dig this: MD micro tiller
Now here’s a great little machine exclusive to Mowdirect with loads of uses in the garden and at a great price for a short period only.
The MD Micro Tiller is a clever little machine which can tackle loads of tasks around the garden.
Perfect for small vegetable patches and great for working around plants in the shrubbery it is light and easy to use with shopper style handlebars. It is also small enough to till between rows in the vegetable garden to keep the weeds down.
And it can also be used to incorporate fertilizers into the ground.
It is powerful enough to cope with heavy compacted soils including clay with a 42 cc engine.
This great little machine was on sale for £169.95 and that was £80 less than the maker’s recommended retail price, but for a limited period only we have it on offer for £149.95.
Delivery is free the next working day and there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
MD ride on mower
Easy rider: MD ride on mower
The MD 3-in-1 Ride-On Mower is a value for money machine with three options for dealing with the clippings.
They can be either collected in the 160 litre grass box, discharged to the side or mulched and returned to the lawn. And, very useful for this summer, it can collect damp as well as dry grass.
The power comes from a 12.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and it hs five forward and one reverse gears and a very tight turning circle and a 75 cm cutting width.
This little machine costs just £1249, and is available for this season only. It is delivered free within three to five working days and has a two year manufacturer’s warranty.
Mountfield lawn garden tractor
Great machine: Mountfield lawn garden tractor
And finally a lawn tractor which we believe will go up in price by £100 this autumn.
The Mountfield 1430M Lawn Tractor has twin blades giving a really smooth cut across its 82 cm cutting width.
The deck is engaged electronically
There are seven cutting heights and the airflow created by the twin blades helps towards more efficient grass collection. Plus there is an audible grass full indicator so you’ll know when to empty the box.
The 432 cc engine gives bags of power and incorporates the latest engineering with oil pumped around the chamber for better lubrication.
There are five forward and one reverse gears and a six litre fuel tank and the lawn tractor is designed with may comfort features to make it a pleasure to use.
Chunky pneumatic wheels give terrific grip and there is a headlight to keep you going at the end of the day.
A grass deflector kit and mulch plug give added options for dealing with the cut grass.
At £1399 it is £200 less than the manufacturer’s recommended price, there is a two year manufacturer’s warranty and delivery is free within three to five working days.
There are also a number of added extras you can buy at special prices which can turn the lawn tractor into an all the year round workhorse.
With a soggy start to August it is tempting to stay glued to the telly and watch the Olympics but the lawn and hedges will keep growing and the weeds love it.
But keep an eye on our site as there will be more special machinery bargains throughout the year.

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